Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flea Market Finds

This week I had a chance and some funds to pop into my local Vinnies.  I'm on a new budget and can't go spending up in the Op Shops as I please anymore.  I have 6 within a 5 minute radius of my house - which I am incredibly grateful for!!  In the old days I'd visit them all in one day and come home with giant stashes of goodness.  Now that my visits are less frequent and my funds are reduced, I am finding I am buying only the GOOD stuff.  I actually prefer it this way :)  

Here are my finds:

Not bought for their more obvious reasons.  I have pegs & embellishments in mind.

Not sure what to do with these yet, but I just couldn't leave the behind.

ALWAYS on the hunt for more doily's!

Gorgeous doily runner.
Napkin rings - all different.  Love them!

Having a little fun with reflections :)
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Anonymous said...

Love the little golden books and the napkin rings...just gorgeous!!

I too collect doilies and never pass them up

lissyal said...

OOOOOH why don't you try dying the doily table runner... give it a go! Grey or green or something fun

Tiff said...

What great finds! It is actually better to really think about what you end up buying... you end up being more selective and appreciate what you buy too. How lucky to have so many charity shops close by! I wish I did too! X

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh man! You find the BEST things!!!