Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Relive Romance Challenge

I haven't posted my 'romantic' happenings until now, because I only did them today!!  Of course today is V-Day.  I actually stayed home from work sick, which meant I could do all sorts of things for husby as I slowly pottered around the house today.  We had planned to have sushi for dinner which husby was picking up on the way home from work.  This morning I did my first of three things for husby.  It isn't so much 'romantic', but I knew how appreciative he would be of it, and when I showed him, he was super excited.  

1.  Ironed all his collared shirts - all 50 million of them.  It ONLY took 4 hours

2.  I made him a card (and of course wrote a 'romantic' message) and bought him a cute chocolate rose.

3.  And set up our back patio like a cute little cafe.  I cut out hearts in browns and creams and whites, and set the table with a vintage cream linen tableclothe and a cool pillowcase acted as my table runner!  Popped a square doily in the middle and burnt a delicious smelling candle.  Husby loved it.  

So that's what I did.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable V-Day, regardless if you have an other half or not.  I think there is a huge misconception about what V-Day is all about.  It is not about having someone, it's about showing love for those in your life, whoever they are.  So I hope whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever your situation, that you feel loved and appreciated because I'm pretty sure you're awesome!  
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The Clip Cafe said...

Oh well done lovey!! I love the card you made and the courtyard looks great :-) Thanks for linking :-)

Jenn said...

Love your back yard!! What a romantic idea!!

lissyal said...

Love it all lee lee. I agree with the whole misconceptions thing. All I heard on the radio yesterday was raunchy, dirty, sex lingo and it made me sad. Thats not what Valentines day is about at ALL people. Dan's lucky to have you

Felicity said...

Hi! Just stopping by from The clip cafe's linky love :) Love the things you did for your hubby and your back yard looks gorgeous! xo