Friday, March 11, 2011

Blogger Butt Update - I could be considered a slacker.


It's been an interesting week.  Another loss though.  That's all that matters.  Lost another 0.4kg.  I'm happy with that loss considering how shocking I've been at keeping to my points over the past week.  Let's just say I took a more lazy casual approach.  We were busy moving back into our unit and unpacking and re-arranging.  I was feeling annoyed and couldn't be bothered counting properly.  BUT I still lost weight which proves to myself that even though I didn't count everything little thing I put into my mouth, I still have learned how to eat a balanced diet.  

Thoughts for the week:

- Hot chips and wedges are good, especially with sour cream (it was lite!)
- IBS has it positive effects - the food isn't inside your stomach long to make you fat (i know, TMI)
- Moving furniture is DEFINITELY a work out
- I have a great love of hot dogs, and had one this week - luckily for me it was on one of the few days I actually counted points this past week so probably why I still had a loss
- Dim sims are still amazing.
- All I ever write about is food in this section
- Water is still amazing, but I've lost my gusto desire to drink it often resulting in slight dehydration.. oops!!
- Came to the realisation that I have to get down to 80kgs before I have a baby because it's likely I'll put on at least 10kgs post baby and I never want to be over 100kgs again.
- My jeans are getting even looser 
- Even though the skin on my face has it's teenage moment, it's overall alot nicer and clearer.
- I need more rest since I've cut back on the sugary junk foods that gave me lots of fake energy.
- My hair has been less oily 
- I still didn't exercise (on purpose)

All in all, not my best week but I'm pleased with myself that although I had a few bad days I haven't just thrown my hands in the air and given up.  I've been doing this for over a month now and I am finally getting somewhere with re-programming my mind and body and it's desires and cravings*.

You can find more bloggy butt stories over here.

*except I'm still craving pizza.. dammit!


Flower Photography said...

10kgs?! I put on 20kgs with my last one....but I just couldn't stop eating!!!
Surely there is a healthy pizza out there somewhere, home made? :-) I love pizza too.

Tiff said...

You are doing so well, congrats on not giving up! You'll feel much better when settled again! x

Farmers Wifey said...

Yay for loose jeans! I think that's the thing, we have to retrain our minds to just stay on track and a little tiny loss each week will add up to something amazing..

Keep up the great work and keep posting and motivating (me)!

eat out with kids said...

Pizza can't be ALL bad surely- it tastes so good! It sounds like you're thinking the right way- and that is the battle- for me anyway. If you can beat the negative thoughts and keep plodding away, you will always succeed- YAY FOR YOU!

Naomi said...

You are doing so awesome - I love it! I love that the jeans are getting loose and I love that you are still going - so impressed with you and what a great example you are! Keep it up. Naomi x

Tracy said...

Loose jeans are awesome! Fantastic work on the loss and it sounds like you are going great guns with the positive thinking and eating. It's so hard to reprogram your body isn't it?

Anonymous said...

What a crazy busy week you have had and still managing to record a loss, great work.

Me 'N My Monkeys said...

wow what a busy week you have had.
I also have a secret love of
'hot dogs'
(bun, tomato sauce, shredded cheese, hot dog, a little bit more sauce, and a bit more cheese then toast it under the grill) yummo!!

congrats on the loss!!

Yay for the loss jeans.. :D

i only wish it was an extra '10kgs' i put on after childbirth!!