Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Softies Revealed!

Ok I know I've been slack.  Well maybe not slack, but I've definitely had to work on some other priorities in my life.  


I am SO pleased with all the beautiful softies that I have been receiving in the post.  Gosh some ladies are clever!!!  First up, here are all the finished softies from the activity I ran with the girls from church that I posted about here.  It's a cute and unique bunch of monsters.

And then there's the cute little elephants my sister made...

Dianne has been busy sewing me these gorgeous little creatures...

Shannoah has been busy too, to see more of her work check out her Facebook page "Huggable Creations".

And then this is a two in one doll.. Cinderella the maid, turns into Cinderella the princess.

I also received this gorgeous Babushka & Birdie from the talented Tiff.

This gorgeous owl came from the lovely Tina.

And last but not least, Vanessa from Flower Photography did not disappoint!

Pretty impressive huh?

There are a few more that I have made, but I might save them for another day.  Thank you SO MUCH ladies.  They are all adorable and will be loved.  

The search for the softies new owners continues.  There are MANY great opportunities.  It's all a matter of figuring out which one works best!!  Don't forget, it's not too late to join in if you want to.  Go here to find out all the details to our Softies for Smiles appeal.



Naturally Carol said...

They look as though everybody has had a ton of fun making them all..amazing imaginations!

Flower Photography said...

Gorgeous collection - they will be loved I am sure :-)

Tiff said...

What a fantastic collection! So many cute creations! I imaging them putting lots of smiles on those children's little faces! You've done a great job organising it all! x