Thursday, February 24, 2011

Softies for Smiles - UPDATE!

First of all, THANK YOU to all those who have sent softies so far.  They are all AMAZING.  I received two more parcels in the post yesterday from Dianne & Vanessa and I haven't had a chance to thank you yet, but they're all ADORABLE.  The girls at work loved them and we had some of them on our desks for the day to adore their cuteness :)

I have heard back from two groups who are organising fun days in communities that were flooded.  Both are fantastic options to take the softies to and hand them out to the children myself (which I am super eager and excited about doing!)  I am looking into logistics and which date will work best.  One is end of March, the other is beginning of April.  I will let you know within the next week which one is a go and give you ALL the details.  

And lastly I have had some helpers to get more softies made!!  Thanks to my gorgeous nephew & some of the girls at church, and of course to all of you wonderful women out there who have sent in softies, I have got 35 softies in my hot hands ready to give to these wonderful little kiddies!!  

Here are some piccies of some of the softies being made.

Now I need to tell you the story behind this last picture.  Mr Nephew wanted to help his Aunty Christy to "make toys for the kids who don't have toys", in his words.  He proceeded to stuff only about a handful of toy filling in, and then proudly comes and shows me the monster he had just made himself.  I then asked him if he remembered who we were making the toys for.  He promptly responded with "for Spencer!!!!", with glee.  I explained to him that we were making them for the kids who lost their toys in the floods.  Then he asked me if I could make him one because he "lost all of his toys too".  (gotta love how kids minds work).  I told him I could make him one in the upcoming week. 

This is the softie he helped me to make.  When I asked him what he wanted his monster to look like, he was holding this softie, and he goes, "I want it to be stripey blue, with red eyes and a yellow stomach!!!"  Then he looked at me with those eyes.  Needless to say the monster is now part of his softie collection on his bed.  How could I say no???? 

Yay for weekends!  I'll update you soon, and post some piccies of the softies I've received in the post!



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Woohoo!!! Love this update. Can't wait to see more.

The Clip Cafe said...

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