Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Creative Space is a Wonderful WIP & an Organised 'Room' Challenge

THREE birds with one stone :)

Well my craft quarters are in transition.  After much complaining, thinking, begging & saving, I have a new set up underway.  I'll talk you through it.  


Yeah, it might be tidy, but it drove me mad.  Most of my things didn't have a home.  They sat stacked up on top of each other, in boxes, in bags, in piles.  I hated it.  So I pleaded with the husby for a new storage solution.  I explained that if he wants me to be successful in creating and selling my goods (which he has always expressed that he does), then I need a work space that doesn't hurt my head.  He understood and we did some shopping around for ideas.  We settled on something and a few weeks later, which was last Friday, I ventured to Ikea after work to buy this...

Husby worked all night Friday so I had to haul the 2 boxes of lead up the stairs myself.  I still have bruises to prove I got them up.  Holy hell, it was like dragging a human up stairs (not that I know, just clarifying).

I didn't bother trying to assemble it that night.  I used the time Friday night to sew up some doily table runners for the shop - but haven't had time since to put them in there of course.  I promise I'll do it soon!!

Next morning, I was reading the instructions, and saw this...

 ...and laughed, and continued to do it myself.  After about 20 mins of banging around, husby gave up on sleeping and came and helped me anyway haha!!

We have no space in our house, so decided to construct the shelf in my craft room.  It was TIGHT.

See how it's pressed right up against my table?  Yeah.. whilst lifting it up, we had a few cm's clearance both sides of the shelf to the two tables in the room.  Twas close!!

Then there was the confusing job of putting together the plastic box inserts... I never did get the hang of it so let husby do them.  I put the felt stickers on the bottoms and opened the boxes ready for him to assemble.
Next was filling the shelf.  We couldn't move anything out of the room unless the stuff in it or on it was moved first.  So we positioned the shelf in the middle of the room and I filled it.  After I while I cleared and removed one of the trussle tables, which allowed me to start moving furniture around.  It took me TWO DAYS to do get it to how it looks now...

But there is still work to be done.  The other trussle table & the wooden desk are yet to go.  I will be inheriting husby's study "L shaped" desk for my work table, and the hutch on my current wooden desk will be mounted on my new desk.  Then I will be 'borrowing' from my parents a bedside table to store all my paper in, until we find a more permanent solution for all my paper/patterned paper/paper scraps.  I also currently have nowhere to store stationery - so another one yet to tackle.  In the meantime, this is the setup...

Ooooh I almost forgot!  I sorted out ALL of my cupboards upstairs.  I will only show you one for now.. the one in my craft room.  I re-arranged all my fabrics to the other side of the wardrobe.  I was tired of trying to fit the vacuum with the hose in there amongst all the long hanging fabric.  

Ahhhh, much better!!  And that's it for now!  Now to work out part 2 of this re-organisation.  I'm so excited!  

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Anonymous said...

I love the expedit units...they are great for creative spaces. So much nicer and easier to work in a space that is orderly :)

The Clip Cafe said...

Love it! I LOVE IKEA! I am very jealous of the size of your room!!! You should link to mousehouse organized challenge too!

Lisa said...

oh i love! i wish i could get one of those shelves!
just letting you know i have moved blog due to widgets playing up on the other one if you would like to come follow?
i almost have my softies ready for you

OnePerfectDay said...

You did a great job! Everything's so organized and neat!

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely! That expedit unit is awesome!

Shell said...

Great. Loved the way you told the story. Doesn't your workspace look heaps better?! We just put some Ikea together recently expecting it to be a headache but it was pretty easy. Much easier when there is to people anyway.