Friday, February 25, 2011

Blogger Butts - I think I'm 3 weeks in now.

So I anticipated this past week to have been much more fantastic then the last - which you can read about here.  But guess what.  It sucked even more then last week!!!!!!  It's been a bad week, and I've been feeling really stressed and frustrated, but i won't go into that now.  I only lost 0.2kg last week.  But I need to remain positive.  So far my total weight loss is 4.6kg, over a 3 week period.  So even though the last two weeks results have been less then exciting, I am still doing well considering I've only been on the WW wagon for a short time.  It's hard to not get ahead of myself and expect such instant results.  Hopefully the weeks will go by faster and I can consistently lose weight each week when I weigh in.  MUST REMAIN POSITIVE.

So as usual, some of my thoughts and experiences from the past week:

- discovered 1 pt creme caramel, which im now obsessed with
- rediscovered my love for pineapple juice and it's refreshing flavour
- I only exercised once and loathed every of those 30 minutes
- worked out a WW friendly way to make Mexican only to discover husby and I both felt sick afterwards because of the richness of the flavour (we can't seem to handle rich foods anymore)
- drank a tonne of water again
- someone noticed my weight loss in my stomach area
- one of my pairs of Capri's fits more comfortably again
- I re-discovered what a long good nights sleep can do for my body to make it feel normal (had 12 1/2 hrs!)
- I've had more zits this week then I've had in months combined.. sigh.  Maybe the pineapple juice?
- I decided to get my hair cut a little shorter and sneakily realised this may impact my 'weight loss' for next week hahahaha
- told myself that I MUST change my attitude towards exercise and at least make the effort to do it twice a week
- I got a little slack at writing my food and points down as the day went on, and got to the end of the day to discover I only had like 5 points left for dinner.  I've been better at writing down since
- I celebrated the fact that one day when I decide to have a baby, I won't cry and whine about getting stretch marks, because I already have them all over my stomach and boobs and to me that's just normal
- WW frozen meals were on special.  I bought like 12 of them... oops.
- made a decision that when I exercised, that I wouldn't then eat the points I had just earnt back.

And that's about it for this week.  The next week will be interesting.  Husby and I were notified yesterday that our house is being painted next week.  So we are mid destroying our house... emptying all cupboards and putting things in boxes and drawers and yeah.  It's less then fun to say the least.  BUT, I can totally count moving furniture as exercise right?  I might be a crazy lady when I check in next Friday, cause we're moving in with my parents.......  Wish me luck.



Christine M said...

Yes, keep positive Christy. Remember you did have a loss, even if it was only a small one. It was still a loss! All those small losses will add up to a bigger loss. I think you can count moving furniture a exercise. It's a physical workout!!!! Hugs, Christine

The Clip Cafe said...

Okay firstly here's another site i think you may like:
Secondly you've done GREAT!! I have totally fallen off the blogger butt wagon :-(
Pineapple juice hurts my tongue.
How funny you can't have rich flavours any more....wonder if that would work for sweet stuff for me if i didn't have it for awhile..?
Yay to someone noticing your weigh loss - I would love that!
12 1/2 hrs! Bliss I'd love that. But I know i would just keep waking up..
Have you had your hair cut yet? Where's a pic??
Why not buy up when they are on special! Good i say ;-)
Good luck with the week ahead!! xx

The Clip Cafe said...

Ps did you link up? @ farmerswifey

Me 'N My Monkeys said...

Thats awesome that some else noticed your loss, you go girl!
I think your right, or at least i would totally count moving furniture as a exercise/workout ;)
Looking forward to next weeks post.