Sunday, November 14, 2010


Well, after about 28 hours after leaving my house in Brisbane, Australia, I MADE IT!!  Husby and I are in Houston Texas visiting with his family.  We'll be here for the next 27 days.  I am jet lagged like I have never been jet lagged before in ANY of my overseas travels.

What I have learnt over the past 48 hours period:
- turbulence is not my friend.
- turbulence makes you feel sick after about 20 mins
- food inside your belly does not like turbulence
- one cannot sleep through turbulence
- turbulence makes you want to pee, even though you just peed
- turbulence hurts your back after a while
- turbulence makes you want to burp
- turbulence is scarier when you're in the BACK of the plane - quite literally the back two seats.
- when turbulence lasts for 3 hours, it can make you mad because you want to be sleeping...

I think you get the message.  We had alot of turbulence.  Husby and I decided we would sleep the last 6-7 hours of the flight so we could try and start to adjust our body clocks, as we landed in LAX early morning.  The turbulence ruined our plans and neither of us slept, so we actually went for a good 36 hour period without sleep.  Today we have been walking zombies saying strange things.

We did manage to buy a few items of clothes.  Much needed clothes.  We only brought with us one set of clothes apart from what we were wearing.  So yeah, we really needed to buy clothes.  But it's really exciting cause there is lots more clothes buying to happen!!  I also hope to sneak into some of the craft stores around here and hopefully find some small treasures to take home.

Anyway, it is super late and my jet lag is being annoying and keeping me awake so I need to go pop some sleeping pills and try and get some sleep :)

I should have some fun things to show you soon!


lissyal said...


sucor said...

So sorry to hear about awful experience! I hope you catch up on your sleep quickly! Enjoy your visit!

Jean said...

Welcome to the U.S. Hope you have tons of fun shopping and visiting family. Sorry the trip was bumpy.

Maioha said...

Oh no. The envious monster is back! I'm glad for you that you're there, but wish it was me too! Especially since I know how good the shopping is over there.

eva mei and me said...

Don't suppose you'll be wanting any turbulence anytime soon LOL ! - have a fab time - can't wait to see all your crafty purchases.

A Christy Production said...

I am hoping to make it down to Hobby Lobby or Michaels soon.. and even the Thrift Stores hehe!!

I'm good on the ground now. NO turbulence there! Now to just adjust the body clock so I will stop waking up all night!


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