Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Creative Space - Just a few things I whipped up...

I have been feeling under the weather, and haven't been doing too much crafting this week.  But last night I had the craft bug and got around to trying out this fantastic tutorial which has been open on my browser for a few weeks now!!

My first attempt:

And my second attempt:
The first one looked too spaced out, so I sewed the petals closer together with the white lace one, which I think looks much nicer.  

Link in here for more spaces.



Angela Osborn said...

They look beautiful. I love the texture of the lace one!

Lisa said...

they look fab.i like the lace one.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Love the button on the lace one.

Flower Photography said...

Lovely!! Are the brooches or for the hair??

Gaby said...

I LOVE the white lace one, it's beautiful!

Kate said...

Looks great!
I so need to think about my brooch swap brooch and get to work on it.
Well done for posting yours already. Love the sneak peek.