Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holiday Report

Husby and I had a lovely week away last week.  Even though we both ended up hurting ourselves (my neck and husby's back), we still were able to relax and sit back and unwind.  Here's some snapshots of our week.

Part of our view.  That's Surfer's Paradise in the distance.  Husby has much better pictures of this on his camera.

Under water husby!

Under water me.  It's rather attractive isn't it?

Mum and my nephew came to visit one day.

My pale skin got some sun.

We made pizza one night... one of the best homemade pizza's I've ever tasted!
Only bad complaint about our holiday was the bed... which is nothing unusual right?  It was so uncomfortable!!  Already thinking of our next holiday, whenever that will be...



lissyal said...

wow that pizza looks really tasty. Cute pics of spency. holidays look sooooooo nice with no kids. enjoy while it lasts lee lee

Flower Photography said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks like a great place, I want to got here. Google Kalbarri Chicky you will see it looks nice too :-) Nom Nom I want that pizza :-)

Flower Photography said...

Ps LOVE the under water shots :-)