Friday, July 2, 2010

Preparations for the Market Day

Well I have been a slack blogger of late. I have limited my experimentations to Facebook only, instead of keeping my blog up to date. The Market Day is only 29 days away! I am getting excited to have my own stall for the very first time!! I have been experimenting with different things to make and sell at the stall, so as to have a wide variety of fun things to sell.

I found a GREAT tutorial one day whilst Blog Hopping, on how to make fabric rosettes. I took this idea and have been making headbands. I have gone a little cuckoo and bought a whole heap of scrap fabric rolls at my local Fabric store, and have been tearing up old clothes and things. I love upcycling!! It's much cheaper! :)

Whilst at Mathilda's Market last month, I came across a GREAT way to display hair clips. I had my husband take a sneaky photo of it and I have created my own board!

It took me a few hours to construct, but a whole heap of glue & staples later, this is what I came up with. It will hold a good amount of flower clips, and the rest will go in these cute purple and blue wicker baskets that I found at the cheap shop.

I have become slightly facinated with Buttons. I found these great big button bags at Aldi a few months ago for a really great price. They have been put to good use. I have used most of the big and medium sized buttons - now to figure out what to do with the 100 or so tiny buttons I have left from each pack! Here is a headband I experimented with. Some like it and others don't. I figure if it doesn't sell at the Market Day I can easily unpick all those delicious buttons and reuse them for something else!

I went over my friends house last Saturday. She is conveniently a Stampin Up! Demonstrator and she said I was welcome to come over and use her stamps and Big Shot to my hearts content. So I spent about 8 hours doing just that!!! I have some cute pillow boxes to sell that I will stuff with some MM's, and some awesome little gift boxes.

One last experiment to share...

Going along with the theme of buttons, because they are just so fun, I had an inspiration to make a button piece in a frame. Once again I've had mixed reactions. Some people think it's adorable, other's aren't keen. But I think it's cute. We'll see if it sells!!

I make the most of every opportunity to get some craft done. I take needle, thread and ribbon to work most days and sew flowers in my lunch break. Each night I try to get a few things done. I am amazed at all the little things there are to do to make sure that everything looks 'just so'.

I will be sharing my stall space with my sister. She is busily making little girls dresses, little boys tops, stuffed animals and some hair accessories. I was also over my parents house the other day and realised mum has gone Cross-Stitch mad!! What can I say, craft runs in our blood!! I love it!!


Maioha said...

I really like seeing all of the stuff you're coming up with. Great work :-)

Are you going to sell cards at the stall too?

Christy said...

Of course! I just didn't have any photos of them on facebook - I wrote this post whilst at work so didn't have access to all my regular photos.