Friday, October 8, 2010

Reminder! Finds of the day! Plugging a friend!

Don't forget I have another giveaway in progress.  It's not as big and magnificent as my previous giveaway, but I still think it's a nice little bundle of things.  Check it out here to enter!  Good luck!

(4 Christmas Cards, 2 ribbon flower clips)

Technically this is my post for the day for Blogtoberfest, which is lame.  But I promise that I'm SUPER BUSY.  I'm at work all day today, and as soon as I get home from work I need to leave again to go to my friend's baby shower to give her this...

...hamper full of baby goodies!!  I should have taken a photo of it before I put on the cellophane.. the contents are super cute and I've taken a liking to doing up baby hamper's all funky and fun.  I'll try and remember to photograph the next one before I wrap it up. 

As usual all of you fellow bloggers are inspiring me.  Here are a few things I saw just this morning that I either want to do, or dreamed I had the skills to do.

1. Cara from Me? A Mom? made this AWESOME name badge for herself.  I want one.  And I don't even have anywhere to wear it.

2. Adele from Adelisa Designs made this awesome card at one of her Card Classes last weekend.  I want to learn how to do the ribbon like that.  I often do the rippled ribbon but it's all perfect and neat.. I think I like this messy look better.

3.  The amazing Kate from Foxs Lane made this vintage dress with a sewn-in apron.  It is to DIE FOR!  But I can't sew those kind of clothes yet.  Practise practise practise.  I'm starting small.

4.  Kirsty from kootoyoo just won this handmade vintage granny square ring.  I want one and I want to learn how to make my own rings.  I have huge fingers and have never in my entire life found a decorative/dress ring that has fit a finger other then my pinky.  Stupid fat fingers!!

I also might do a plug for a friend of mine.  Her name is Ami and she is pretty much amazing.  Please check out her blog and her madeit store (just search for Chirp under User/Store name).  Here's some of the cool stuff she's made: (Oh and she has a giveaway on her blog ATM too)
Hair clips

Fabric Flower Brooche/Clip

Fabric Flower headband

Vintage button rings. ( I want these )

Vintage button earrings ( I want these too )

I told you she was clever.  Check it out!

I promise a more productive post for tomorrow filled with goodies I've made delicious homemade items made by me!

Until tomorrow!!



The Clip Cafe said...

Hi there you are being good keeping up the posts :-) We are trying too (can't say they are heaps interesting lol) I love baby showers never had one of my own. I love Cara's brooch too. And Chirp has some cute things will have to check out here blog. Thanks for your post! Should be cleaning the house now you know... :-P

ami-lee said...

Thanks for the plug! What a nice little suprise:)

Denise said...

What a sweet friend you are! What a wonderful gift. She'll love it. I got your gifts today and they are soooo awesome. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair clips!!!! So glad I have a daughter :)))) I posted about them on my blog, that's how gorgeous I think they are! Thanks girl :)

Adlewiess said...

how exciting to open up a blog that you like to read just for pure enjoyment and there you see a piece of your own work - very very flattering and exciting I must say!! Thanks Christy!!!! And I love that little apron dress too!!! Go on - you can do it!!! hehehhehe Off to catch up on the rest of your blog! :) Thanks again...I love reading your

Lauren said...

oh wow they are some crafty ladies! I hope it was a great day!'s crazy seeing christmas cards out already! ha it was nice to stumble upon your blog during blogtoberfest!