Saturday, November 27, 2010

I now have a reason why I love it.

Those who live in the USA, or have visited the USA (like myself) know the beauty of Michael's.  It has everything a craftaholic could possibly dream of ever needing.  I have a headache tonight and have hidden myself in the quiet bedroom with only the internet for company.  I of course found myself on the Michael's website looking for inspiration.

Now let's rewind a week.  My MIL is a bit of a collector of things.  These things are mostly without purpose.  We were cleaning out the closet in the upstairs game room and there are 10 sheets of polystyrene in there.  Without a purpose.  I think I just found a purpose for them.  And I might just even make it for my SIL.

Project Instructions

Step: 1
Referring to cutting plan, use straight edge and pencil to mark cutting lines on 12-inch x 36-inch x 1-inch sheets of STYROFOAM brand foam.

Step: 2
Cut out pieces using a utility knife or a serrated kitchen knife (wax the serrated knife blade with an old candle for easier cutting).

Step: 3
Paint all edges, including the 12-inch x 12-inch square, with acrylic craft paint. Let dry.

Step: 4
Cut scrapbook papers to fit foam pieces.

Step: 5
Spread a very thin, even layer of craft glue on foam piece and adhere corresponding paper; if needed, secure corners with craft pins until dry. Repeat until all foam pieces are covered. Let dry. (Note: Papers may appear wavy at first, but will smooth out as glue dries.)

Step: 6
Using low-temp glue, assemble the sculpture following the assembly diagram. For additional reinforcement, glue craft sticks to reverse side to connect the pieces; be sure craft sticks are not visible from the front.

Step: 7
Affix hook and loop hangers to the back for hanging.

See here for the full instructions and further tips.

Oh how I wish you were international Michael's.......


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Oh Christy that looks great! How do you come up with these idea's!

Denise said...

Michael's does rock! Great prices. I left you a blog award girl.

Corrie said...

I could do some serious damage in there!