Friday, December 24, 2010

The day before the day.

What did you spend your day before the day doing?  I had a busy yet fun and relaxing day somehow all mixed in together.

- slept in half an hour
- finished gluing my nephews Christmas gift
- vacuumed up and down stairs
- cleaned the whole house thoroughly.. put everything back in its place
- tidied my craft room.... which is always a huge job
- scrubbed the hell out of my bathroom.  goodbye scum mould mildew and whatever else was there.
- made a ribbon flower clip to wear in my hair tomorrow
- played a buttload of Frontierville & Cityville on Facebook :P
- had a meat pie for breakfast at 4pm... I forgot to eat again
- had a shower and shaved my legs, and even used shaving cream! (trust me this needs to be noted cause it only happens once a quarter)
- played Lego Star Wars on the Wii and received instruction from the husby how to play :P
- gathered everything I need to take to Mum & Dad's tomorrow for Christmas Day, as we are leaving the house at 6.45am and won't get home until about 9pm!!
- took garbage out to the wheelie bin to discover about 5 million maggots all over it (I'm leaving that one for the husby to take care of)
- folded and put away laundry
- watched an episode of Glee
- went over to my sisters house and put up a trampoline in the pouring rain with my husby, bro in law, bro, and friend.  we were all goofy and it was funny.
- wrote my 100th blog post whilst laying in bed with dry pj's on.

Enjoy your day tomorrow.  You've only been waiting all year for it :)  Don't forget to decide what your gift is to the Savior for the upcoming year.  It's probably the best gift we can give! :)


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