Saturday, January 1, 2011


I decided to give my brand new sewing machine a work out.  She's pretty good.  And she even shows me when her bobbin is getting low.  Which is convenient.

(Disclaimer:  photos were taken on my phone due to laziness in retrieving the camera from downstairs)

So I cut out a whole stack of random fabrics more appropriate for a little man, and decided to make a pram quilt.  I have a thick piece of wadding left over from a previous project and just decided to use that even thought it is thicker then most quilting wadding.  I just figure the little man will be extra comfy.  I also found a baby blanket in my stash to use as a backing.

Then was the fun part.. placing them so they looked evenly spaced.

And I sewed all my rows together, and then ironed them and ironed the seams in the opposite direction from each row below it, bla bla bla...  It didn't take long to sew it all together!

I also have sewn the wadding and back on, but don't have a piccie of that yet.  I'm debating a few things with finishing it off.  I need to attach all the layers together in the middle of course, and not 100% which method I want to go to do that.  But it is a pram quilt so the baby will be laying on top of it, so I may go for little knots with wool.  That way it stays nice and cushy.  And then there is the matter of binding.  I may end up having to make it which I'm not keen on, but boo hoo!  I might even just use ribbon.  We shall see what my little fingers do to it tomorrow!


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The Clip Cafe said...

Very nice! I truly would have no clue when it comes to these kinds of makes. I am pretty bad at matching what goes with what...and have to get over being and even person! So do you stitch them together down one row then together again across? Robin? Robyn? (has a good bobbin!!?? lol)
I like Pip (Pippa) and Ed (edna).