Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chop chop

So I got my hair cut today.  Monumental for me.  Normal for some others.  Considering I've only had one haircut in two years, I think that could sum up my fear of hair cuts.  I don't trust my fellow hairdressers.  I've seen far too many poor skills.  But today I got over it and went and saw a hairdresser that I have heard about from friends for YEARS.  I had to wait a few weeks to see him.  But I needed a few weeks to get my head around it.


It was just long, floppy, dry, stringy, gross, knotty.  It had to go.  It had no shape.  It was pretty much not acceptable, especially for a hairdresser.  Come on, I'm supposed to have awesome hair right?


Now it has shape.  It feels amazingly healthy - especially compared to how it previously felt.  It will take half the time to dry.  Funny thing is, he took SIX INCHES off... and it's still reasonably long.  He probably could have taken more length off, but considering the first thing he heard from me was "I hate having my haircut, I don't trust hairdressers and I'm freaking out", I think he played on the safe side.  I'll probably be braver next time :)

Need to work on that side fringe though.  It's all floppy.  Not used to sitting like a fringe should.  I'll whip it into shape in a week or two.  It won't know what hit it.

What are YOU scared of, and have conquered to some degree?  

I'm also petrified of having a baby.  I'll be conquering that one next year :)



PaisleyJade said...

Looks great! I too struggle to find a hairdresser I can trust.

Tammi said...

Ah yes I too have a slight distrust of hairdressers, it's so hard to find one who can cut curly hair.

Flower Photography said...

I want your hair!!!!!!!

Adlewiess said...

how lovely! The colour looks awesome too - it looks so thick and glossy and healthy. Yes - I would take your hair over mine any day!!!!!