Monday, August 22, 2011

Getting back to normal

Hey folks.  Well the move is over.  Here is the basic overview of what went down:

- I packed 90% of the boxes, and unpacked 95% of them
- I probably spent about $50 on packing tape
- I spent $0 on boxes though!!  Thank you Good Guys cardboard bin.
- I threw out alot of stuff
- We had planned to hire a moving truck to make everyone's lives easier and do the move in one go.  BUT, we couldn't, because our unit complex is annoying and we couldn't bring the truck inside the gates and so it would make it MORE work to walk everything outside the complex to the truck. 
- We moved by trailer.  ONE trailer.  Thank heavens we didn't have to go far.
- We took loads over every day and every night for the 5 days leading up to the official moving day.
- I did several loads on my own, thus killing all the muscles and bones in my body.
- I managed to unpack my craft room in the new house before the actual moving day.
- Moving day was hard work.  I lifted things that I shouldn't have, because they were way too heavy.
- I had no strength left in my hands by the end of it all, and kept dropping things.  Luckily nothing broke.
- I hate going up and down stairs.  They were on BOTH ends.  They were the death of my legs.
- I made a Beef & Vegie Casserole in the slow cooker, which was our lunch.  Plus I made 2 pumpkin pies the night before and they went down like a treat too.  Have to feed the troops so they keep on helping!
- Take away food was pretty much all we ate that week.  I am SO sick of take away.
- It takes a whole lot of brain energy to figure out where everything is going to go, when we are in a smaller space now.  More things need to be sold.. doh!
- There is no easy way of storing dining room chairs.
- Not having your fridge and pantry in the kitchen is kind of annoying.
- Spending two days straight cleaning the old house makes you grumpy, especially when one of those days is a public holiday and I am not doing something fun like everyone else.
- Scrubbing kitchen tile grout with a toothbrush will cause tail bone pain after a while.
- The property manager did his inspection after we handed in our keys etc, and decided that everything looked fantastic.  BUT.  There was a cracked tile under the stairs in the cupboard and it needed to be replaced.  What?  You are kidding me right?  It's under the stairs, out of sight.  Get a life!!!!  We didn't even crack it either.  The previous tenants did, but we missed it on the entry report, so WE got stuck with fixing it.  Mega annoying!
- Husby and Dad spent 4 hours replacing it on Saturday.  It also ended up costing husby $170 to buy a tool to cut the $45 brand new diamond cutting blade off of dad's old angle grinder which broke and had the new blade stuck on it.  Then dad bought a new $200 angle grinder.  Plus the grout, tile and glue that needed to be purchased, it ended up costing about $440 to replace a tile.  Oops. 
- Good news is, we got a FULL refund of our bond, much to the displeasure of our property manager.  His face was classic when he realised there was nothing he could fault us on and had to return our bond.  I get the feeling he doesn't often return it all.
- Our bedroom is my childhood bedroom.  It's kinda weird sleeping in a bed with your husband in your childhood bedroom.
- Oh, did I mention we moved back in with my parents?  It's super strange.  But we have a fairly good space to ourselves.  We have the whole upstairs which is 3 bedrooms, a loungeroom and a toilet.  Bathroom is downstairs, and we share the kitchen and laundry.  Thankfully mum has a huge kitchen bench so we can both cook at the same time.
- We will save tonnes over the next year.  Our rent is substantially lower, so we will save $30k alone in what we aren't paying in rent anymore.  Yes Americans, we pay the earth in rent every week.  We used to pay $340 p/w ($1360 p/m) for a dump hole.
- I hate moving.

That's pretty much everything.  Over the weekend I had a little spare time and made a few things, which was so nice to do!  I haven't been able to create for a few weeks.  I hope to share later on this week, and I really really need to put more stuff in my shop!!  So much catching up to do!!!

Hope everyone is doing well!

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