Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A sneak of our new place...

We have been moved into our new place (upstairs at mum and dads) for a few weeks now.  Over the weekend, we FINISHED unpacking, putting together, finding places for our storage items, and cleaned up!  I am so happy it is all done.  I am loving the space that I am continued to be blessed with for my crafts.

I now store my hairdressing supplies in my craft room, which is new, but I found those great black and white drawers which fits everything in perfectly.  I also have to put my filing cabinet under the desk, but I still have plenty of room.  I also have a window right next to the desk which is lovely for fresh air and sunshine.  In my old craft room, I never ever got sunlight!

Everything is still packed into my cube shelving and white drawers.  And there is that beautiful sunlight I was talking about.  

Waste not want not!!!  I am planning to measure up the top of these drawers so I can have some wood cut which will give me another space to maybe store something, or put something decorative.  I actually use scraps for 50% of my sewing projects.  You'd be surprised what you can make with them!

And a couple of my personal touches.  My Texan corner (hubby is Texan).  All that is missing is something with the Texan flag.  Maybe a project for the future!

My awesome plaque at the door of my room.  My sister got it for me for Christmas.  I love it!

And then there's the lounge room.  In moving in, we had to sell our couch as my parents had a few up in the lounge upstairs.  They're not the most gorgeous couches, but I'm trying to make do with what we've been provided with.

The couches are a little uncomfy, so I have plans to make a few more cushions so that I can lounge more comfortably!!  We also got rid of our coffee table because mum has an antique blanket box that had nowhere to live so we are using that as our coffee table.  I was worried about the top of it getting damaged so I made a topper.  Just a piece of chipboard cut to size, and covered with some nice tough fabric.  And then a piece of felt adhered. to the base so the staples don't scratch up the top of the box.  Not too bad I say!
There's isn't much else to show at this stage.  Husby's study is also the storage room, so his desk has boxes stacked up, our dining room set disassembled and stacked up.  Not the prettiest room.  And then our bedroom.... STUFFED with furniture.  Not pretty, but practical.  

It's time to start adding the little touches that make a home.  Thanks to Pinterest I have plenty of ideas!!  Now I just need to get started!!



Kymmie said...

Go Christy Go! Loving your creative space and aren't those cube shelves the bomb???

You've done a great job so far and making it all homely.

And I couldn't agree more. Pinterest has the best ideas ever!


Max said...

Your so organised! I love the plaque and your texan teddies made me smile x

Shaunda said...

I'm jealous of your craft room! It's so organized. I think I'd do better with some more drawers for my crafts to make my room clutter-free like yours. Good luck on your decorating adventures!

Shaunda Devins