Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who I Am.

I believe.....

- In myself.
- That men and women are equal.
- Laughing heals just about anything.
- In God the Father, his son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost.
- Everyone deserves to feel loved.
- Everyone has been blessed with talents.
- My shortcomings can be forgiven.
- I am on Earth for a reason.
- I can always be better.
- That families that eat and pray together, stay together.
- In fairness.
- Families can be forever.

I am.....

- Talented.
- Clever with my hands.
- A multi-tasking extraordinaire.
- A craftaholic.
- A wife.
- An internet junkie.
- A receptionist.
- A great lover of green.
- Organised.
- Grateful for the simple things.
- Loved.
- A daughter of God.

I am Christy.  I am a Mormon.

1 comment:

Kymmie said...

And you are AMAZING! xx