Sunday, September 25, 2011


I bought a pack of polystyrene wreath's for a few dollars a while ago.  They sat in my drawer for  a while.  Then a bunch of my Pinterest friends kept pinning awesome wreaths.  I figured it was time.  My first inspiration was this...

This oozes my personality and gorgeousness.  I don't have hessian though.  So I had to be creative.... and came up with my own version.

I love it just as much.  Even though it was photographed on the front door, it hangs in the doorway of my craft room, because husby "doesn't care for wreaths".  Haha!  I did cheat on the back of my wreath though.  I used pins to secure the hanging trim because the wreath is made of polystyrene, I knew the cheats method would be sufficient.

Last night and this morning I experimented again with a smaller wreath.

But this one has nowhere to live.  Need to decide what to do with it.  

Aren't they pretty!!   I love making wreaths, but won't make anymore cause I have no use for them hahahaha!

PS.  Don't forget about my wool giveaway
PPS.  No giveaway wool was used in this wreath...although it was tempting :P


Zara said...

Your wreath creations look beautiful..well done. When I saw the wool one I though gee thats a great use for your giveaway prize. x

AllSoCute said...

ooohh! love them!