Friday, February 1, 2013

30th Birthday - Vintage Tea Party

My sister turned the big three zero two days after Christmas.  She didn't want me to make a deal out of it, but how could I not?  It's a milestone birthday and it HAD to be memorable.  So off to work I went.  A Pinterest folder was created, ideas were being gathered, and off I went thrift shopping!  It was a little tricky getting everything done around the hustle and bustle of Christmas but I got there in the end.  It did mean that Christmas got packed away on Boxing Day and I had to set up for the party immediately!  But it all turned out so lovely and was worth it.  

There were 8 guests and we enjoyed delicious cucumber sandwiches, mini quiches, slices and potato salad for lunch.  We also stumbled on a delicious punch by accident.  We were originally having a jug of water with ice, mint, lemon & some frozen raspberries in it and then another jug with lemon lime bitters cordial and some soda water.  But the lines of communication were fuzzy and we ended up with lemon lime bitters cordial with lemon mint and raspberries in it, and let me tell you, it was DIVINE! Try it next time you have guests over!!

I didn't want the ceiling to be the only thing not decided.  So I made a bunch of tissue paper pom poms, bought some delightful coloured paper lanterns and made paper chains from designer paper that I had in my stash.  I wish I had photography skills because my photos don't show the awesome atmosphere of that room!!  

Dessert was just as lovely.  The main dessert was a creamy chocolate mousse served in teacups with freshly whipped cream, fresh berries & pomegranate & some chopped up Strawberry Intense Dark Chocolate made by Lindt (DIVINE!).  It was just so delicious.  Along with our mousse teacups we enjoyed scones with jam & cream, cupcakes, macarons, chocolate & caramel pastries and delicious herbal teas.   My favourite tea was Turkish Apple!

And now for the finer details.  I raided my fabric collection and made the sweet rounded bunting you can see above.  I love it to much that I am going to keep it stashed away ready for other events in the future.  Just think how sweet it would look at a baby shower!

Sorry about the junk in the corner!

I think this is as good as I managed to capture "atmosphere" wise.  I took these the night previous after spending the day setting up!

And here is the birthday girl.  

I wish I had thought to get a photo of all of attending the party.  Everyone dressed summery and vintagey and looked so nice!  This is the only photo I have with a guest, it's my sister Alicia with our awesome childhood friend Andy (how awesome is her pink hair!!) enjoying some tea!

It was a fun morning and I can't wait for the next event, whatever it might be!


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Denise said...

Looks like an amazing luncheon!! You rocked the decorations.