Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My green glass collection

I love green glass. My love of green glass stems from my love of green. My house has green dotted all over it. Lucky my hubby has a love of green also.

A couple of years ago I bought the large lime green jug on the left in the picture above on a whim. I just loved it. It was green, gorgeous, and I had to have it.

And then shortly after buying my first item of green glass, I saw this photo on Pinterest.  And I knew I had to start my own green glass collection.

Ever since then I have been on the lookout for more. 

I love the piece above. It's the darkest piece in my collection and I found it in an Op Shop for only a few dollars.  My favourite kind of find!

My aim with my collection is to have quite a variation in colours, sizes, shapes etc. I don't want my collection to just consist of bottles, jugs & vases.  I am on the lookout for pretty much anything green!

Recently we got a new dining suite and I'm so pleased to have a special place for all my green glass to live now, right under my green collage fabric canvas! 

Do you collect coloured glass? 
Or maybe you collect something else. 

What is it?



Lea said...

Wow you have quite a collection going on. Lots of varying shapes and sizes. It makes a wonderful display. Thanks for sharing. As for collections well I have a bit of pyrex, some lovely milk glass and now the green depression glass. My first two collections are pretty complete now unless I find something extra special;) Happy thrifting! May there be green glass aplenty.

Lea said...

Ps lovely fabric collage too.

Denise said...

What beautiful pieces. I don't collect glass but I have a friend that has a huge red glass collection. She goes nuts when she sees it in second hand stores.