Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A little bit of Rag

I like to think of myself as an artistic and creative person all around. I will give most things a go. I'm not good at everything I try either. For example... my drawing & painting skills, are laughable. Other things I have tried out and found out I wasn't too bad at it afterall and continued to practise and become skilled in those areas. 

One artistic skill that you might not know about me, is I have been playing the piano for almost 20 years. I haven't had lessons for a good 10 years though, and that shows in my skills now-a-days because my playing is 'quite' rusty. But I can still sight read a little, so all is good in the world. 

I have a BEAUTIFUL piano. Here she is..

Growing up playing piano, I played all the typical pieces you hear kids playing. Once I hit high school, we moved house, and changed piano teachers. Our new piano teacher was young, and fabulous. She had some seriously awesome taste in music and knew how to pick some music that would kick my butt suited my flamboyant teenage personality. No more boring pieces coming from these fingers! 

One of my first well known pieces to master was Moonlight Sonata, which to this day I can still play as long as I have my sheet music in front of me. I used to think I was pretty special, but I wanted my next piece to have more "bounce". Oh boy, I got bounce alright. Have yourself a little listen to this...

(Courtesy of YouTube)

Believe it or not, I used to be able to play that. I will admit, I could never get the speed up to what he was playing at (and my version was ever so slightly different from what he played), but it certainly became my party trick!! 

Listening to that piece makes me miss my mad piano skills. I might just go have a bang on the old beauty tonight!

What is your hidden talent? I'd love to hear about it!


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