Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas Day (throw together) Lunch Table

I know I'm late with my Christmas posts but here they are. As ridiculous as it sounds because it feels like Christmas was month's ago, this post is actually only 2 and a bit weeks late. So it's not THAT bad. 

Christmas last year was a little different from normal. We had a really quiet Christmas Day at Mum & Dad's with a few extra friends over for lunch. I hadn't thought of making a nice table setting for lunch and was making salads in the kitchen when I saw the dismal Christmas table setting being put together by my Mum (she's not known for her decorating skills). I quickly finished up in the kitchen and threw together a few things on the table to dress it up a little and to try and make her ghastly green tablecloth look like it was meant to be there (I love green and even I don't like that thing). 

Doesn't a little bit of string tied in a bow around a wine glass (or is it a champers glass? I have no idea...) look so elegant? It's my new favourite decorating thing to do. Now all those bits and pieces were NOT from my parent's house. Oh no. I brought over 8 boxes of MY bits and pieces from my house over to hers for decorating purposes. There was a main reason I brought it all over but you will have to wait a few more days before I show you that one! :) 

For lunch we enjoyed Mango Macadamia Salad, Garlic Chilli Prawn Skewers, freshly cut ham off the bone, chicken thighs (for people like ME who hate seafood) and Coleslaw. Nice, simple, tasty, fresh & light! 

Man I could do with a slice of that ham right about now. Nom nom nom!! 

My BIG Christmas table project will be revealed later in the week. You better be ready for it, it's fairly AMAZING. 


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Lea said...

Looks delish. Christmas does feel like it was ages ago doesn't it?! Crazy. If you email me your postage deeds I have a piece of green glass I would like to send you. Leax