Thursday, May 1, 2014

Journey Journal - for Premmie Parents

I was recently made aware of a small group on Facebook made by a lady here Australia. She had a premmie baby a few years ago and now that her little one was a little older and she had a little more time on her hands she wanted to start a small group that would be able to help supply premmie parents with items that would be of help to them and their little ones. The group is called "Sew for the Prem babies" and you can join it here.

The main purpose of the group is to SEW for the prem babies as the name suggest. I am not huge on sewing and only really know how to quilt, but I was eager to learn how I could help out. I learnt that often prem parents keep a "Journey Journal". Somewhere where they can record different things on charts, do photo collage pages, and of course do journal entries on how they are going. 

This is the journal that I made. I only had time to make one but hope to make a few more in the future. It's a hardcover journal with the spiral binding. I hope that whoever receives it finds great use in it! 

If you are a sewer and would like to sew some items for the group they are in need of all sorts of different things. Check out the group and you might be able to find something to make to contribute towards the cause. Above is a picture of some gowns that my friend from Mary Bobbin has sewn! She is one talented and generous lady.


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Tammy Brown said...

What a wonderful thing to do!

Very nice journal you made. I am sure the recipient will be pleased.