Sunday, July 11, 2010

Copy Cat!

I am flawed. There I said it! Haha!! As much as I LOVE crafting and creating, I have creativity blocks.. almost every day! So I draw ALOT of inspiration from what others make. I am a self confessed Copy Cat!

I found this great 3 magazine pack of Scrapbook/Card Making ideas at Coles a few months ago. I put them away in my folder where I keep all my ideas and templates, and pretty much forgot about them straight away. Yesterday I pulled them out and found a page which had these four great cards. I decided to copy them - and of course add my own little touches.

I don't own any punches. None at all. Well I have a few dodgy ones that I never use and should probably get rid of.... But I have none that are worth using!! So I had to make do with what I have, and this is what I came up with.

(I should have photographed them before putting them in the packaging.. sorry)

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