Monday, July 26, 2010

Cushions cushions cushions!!

My lovely mother has allowed me to borrow her trusty sewing machine for a few weeks (or until she decides she wants it back). I'm in no way an experienced sewer, but I am eager to learn more sewing skills. I did take sewing classes back in high school and had to sew this dreadfully ugly dress and blouse... but I choose to forget that. Besides that, my sewing experiences have been limited to mending and such.

Often as I Blog Surf, I see beautiful ideas of decorative scatter cushions. I've been eager to give it a go, and I have come up with a few designs myself. They are in no way perfect, I still have alot to learn with sewing but I'm excited about it.

So far I've made up 3 different cushions, all with their own characteristics. The majority of the fabric that I've used is cut offs that I bought from 2nd Hand Shops & the Fabric Store (bless you Bargain Box Fabrics - they have bins FULL of random cut offs of fabric, most of which are dirt cheap and beautiful!), so most cushions will be a one off because of the limited amount of fabric that I have in that pattern etc. Here's what I've done so far!

This was my first cushion... and I think my favourite so far. I love the brightness of the orange against the soft white lace. This one probably took me the least amount of time to make aswell...

Second cushion... I like it, but I don't love it. I guess it's very "boy's room"ish. Plus the patchwork took forever.

This cushion I decided to make double sided. So this is one side. Once again the patchwork took FOREVER. I think I worked out that it took me close to 7 hours to make this baby... mostly due to inexperience. But I'm happy with the result and learnt a few lessons on how to accomplish things easily.

I love the stripey fabric in the last cushion. I bought it from Lincraft on Saturday. I love the vibrant fun colours! I also made some little gift bags out of it... which I didn't photograph, so I'll have to do some more to show you. They were just SO cute.

I'm sure I'll make a few more cushions before I hand over Mum's sewing machine again and I'll have to remember to post them on here! Hope you like them.

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Maioha said...

Great work, Christy. The first one is my fave too.