Sunday, August 29, 2010


As previously mentioned I'm quite behind in my blogging. Here are a few more things that I've purchased/made/done over the last month.

I bought coathangers. Lots of them. All of my fabric is now hanging in the wardrobe in my Craft Room (which still needs a name). It makes my life SO MUCH EASIER. Before it was all stacked in drawers. Inspiration comes more freely these days, cause I can see!!!!

It was Nanna's birthday earlier in the month. So I made her some cushions for her bed. She LOVES THEM.

Mum gave me all her old laces that have been in her sewing cupboard since we were wee ones. I'll use them on something one day I'm sure!

I whipped up a pincushion. My mini apple one just wasn't cutting it anymore. I needed a big soft one. It's a bit wobbly, but functions perfectly.

Tonight I finished a skirt off.. for me! First time I've made myself something.... cause let's be honest, this body ain't easy to fit. But I had fun, and it's not toooo bad. The fabric is hell cute - and was only $4.50 from a Thrift Shop.. and best of all, it was a Quilt Cover. Ahh, the things you find when you dig :)

And lastly, the other day I had a big ole pile of fabrics and things on my table. I thought it looked cool, so I took a pic.


lissyal said...

Your idea of hanging your fabric is brilliant! At least you don't get so many crease lines from folding now!

The Clip Cafe said...

I love the hanging fabric! Great Idea (might steal that one lol!) The cushions are so pretty! I love the lace too :-) I would like to do a pin cushion - too used to using the magnetic one i have. Your skirt looks great! Very Nice fabrics and style.

sweetjeanette said...

I love the hanging fabric idea too!!! You're so right...mine are "stacked" also (I bought a couple of those hanging closet sweater organizers and stacked them on the 'shelves' of that, but it's not the same... Rather than pulling out stacks to get to the bottom one, I could just pull the hanger off the rod! Love that idea - thanks!

Christy said...

You know ladies... I bought about 50 coathangers... and I've now run out. I think that means I have to stop buying fabric.. hehe

But hanging it all up is the best thing I've ever done. Makes like SO much easier and makes crafting far more functional.