Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My creative space...

In our current town house, I have the use of the spare bedroom as my (newly named) Craft Quarters. (one of the perks of having no children I suppose). It is ever changing. I buy more, I need to re-organise to fit it. Of late I have become 'obsessed' with Op Shops (Thrift stores). Until recently I never noticed the copious bins full of fabric offcuts, quilt covers, bed sheets, tableclothes etc etc, sitting there, awaiting to be recreated. Almost every week I wander through an Op shop... I'm lucky enough to have 6 within 5 minutes of my house. Not many people are as lucky as I am in that department :D

Today, I visited the Lifeline Furniture Store! It has all the other goodies, but does specialise in bigger items of furniture. For some months I have been frustrated with my main work table in my Quarters. Boxes stacked on top of each other, my folders & craft magazines falling over, trying to fit the sewing machine on there... it was grinding on my nerves. So I've been keeping an eye out for some sort of new smaller shelving to put things on in a more effective manner! Today was my lucky day. I found what some may think is an odd piece of furniture but is PERFECT for my work table. So folks... here is my "creative space"...

My main work bench. This is where all the goodness happens. It is only clean like this about once a week, and only lasts until I sit at the table again and then the chaos returns. (I'm not good at cleaning up as I go when it comes to crafting)

My fantastic new shelf thing.. I really don't know what to call it. I love that I can stack things on each shelf, and also tuck things underneath. As of today my laces live underneath! The green & brown boxes are full of ribbon! I hope to one day have my husband build me rods on the wall with the spools of ribbon on them - but as of now we rent and the boxes will do. My rule is that all my ribbons must fit in those two boxes - this is the ensure I don't buy too much (cause I'll have nowhere to put it). The box on the right up the top is all my sewing bits. Cottons, elastic, needles, pins, scissors, measuring tape, fabric pencils, and all those kinds of goodies. On the bottom shelf, the black box is FULL of embellishments for my cards. Geez I love $2 shops :D The blue box is my hot glue gun and all the glue sticks ready to go. Then all my craft magazines & my green idea's folder. I'm LOVING the shelf.

Drawers contain felt, ink pads, sponges, pens, punches, cardstock & smaller patterned papers/cardstock. On top is my cutter, buttons, brads, stationery, and then the black box is full of unfinished card projects and cut outs from the Big Shot all ready to go.

My trusty drawers from Ikea. Full of goodness. On top is my box full of cards ready to sell, embellishments & pillow boxes ready to sell, my box of stamps, and then cards & boxes I want to keep and use myself. I have to keep these seperate or else they vanish.

Top drawer. All my supplies or card making: tape, dimensionals, sticky spots, bags etc.

Second drawer. Non Stampin Up! rubber stamps, embossing powders (in he cardboard box) and beading supplies.

Third drawer. Fabric scraps.

Fourth drawer. Projects waiting to be started or finished.

Fifth drawer. Other odds and ends supplies. Spray paint, acrylic paint, brushes, wool, fabric embellishments, etc.

Sixth drawer. I think it's obvious my husband took over this drawer. I hope to buy him his own storage bin and transfer these to that :D

And all my paper scraps sorted into their colours. It makes it easier to use them up instead of wasting the good stuff!

All my fabrics. I love having them hanging, it makes creating so much easier.

Then there's my presentation table. This has a handful of my finished products on them ready to sell.

And tucked underneath is all my baskets and baby gifts (inside the bags) ready for all the baby showers I'll be attending in the upcoming months.

And then my beading bag. All this stuff used to be in the Ikea drawers, but they have been kicked out to fit in fabric.

Then there's my Blog To Do List. I can now cross off "my creatice space"...

What does your creative space look like??


This Girl loves to Talk said...

not as good as yours...its called the kitchen table.

I have never seen fabric hanging and I must say it LOOKS DEVINE!! mmmmmmm fabric goodness!

Maioha said...

WOWSERS! I'm so impressed at your organisation. My creative stuff is all on hold and living outside in boxes until I have children because I will have copious amounts of time to do whatever I please :-)

You forgot to show us how good all your jewellery looks too!

Happy Homemaker And Momma said...

My Creative Place is here and there....:) But maybe soon it will all be in one place-Yours looks great!!!

Christy said...

Maioha I demand you get it all out of boxes!! Haha.. I don't think I'd survive without my crafts. It is the only thing that relaxes my mind, especially when I've had a rough day at work or something is stressing me out.