Sunday, September 26, 2010

Catch up time... again!

Ok I think I am the worst blogger in history.  I never get around to posting what I've been up to.  So here I am again, with a few things to show you (that really should have been blogged about individually as I made them).

1.  Fabric Canvases
I decided about a week ago, that although I am always making something crafty, my house is absolutely, 100% not decorated.  We rent so we're limited as to what we can do, but it seems to have escaped me to do anything until now.  So I went down to Crazy Clark's (Aussie Dollar Store) and bought a whole heap of different size canvases.  They ranged from $3.50 to $10 a piece.  I bought 10 in total.  I got the idea to do this from a blog I follow.  I can't remember whose blog.  I just looked for a good half hour and couldn't figure out who it was.  But I still ended up doing my differently.  They made their own frames and just did the fabric over the frame.  Where I bought frames with canvas on them.  Different but the same.  I have been asked to do a tutorial for these.. I promise I'll add it to my Urgent To Do List.  But here is what I've made so far.

These are in my craft room.  I love them.  The fabric in the centre is some vintage fabric I got from the Op Shop.  It was such a good find.

And here are the ones in my bathroom - yes they are covered in towels.  I found some super cheap ones and thought they'd be a fun way of decorating the bathroom.  I love them!

I have 4 more to make.  Then I need to find other ways to decorate my house... it is looking less bland.

2.  Money bag
I decided I needed to make a bag to put my money in for when I do Market Stalls.  I  made it out of nice and sturdy denim scraps that I had, and put in my VERY FIRST  ZIPPER!  I was so pleased when it worked out.  I was fully expecting a fail.  I think it's super cute!

3.  Applique Onesies
I finally bought that wonderful (I don't actually know what it's called) baking paper sticky iron on stuff for appliqueing.  It makes life a hell of a lot easier!!  I whipped up two onesies the other night.  I have a few more to go, plus a little boys Tee.

4.  Lace Earring Frames
Once again, got this idea from someone else, and can't remember who or where.  I really must write these things down....  I made a whole heap to sell at Markets, in white, silver & gold (gotta love spray paint fumes.. wooooohoooo!!)

5.  Christmas Paper
I will be going overseas in 47 days.  For a whole month.  Right before Christmas.  So I need to be super organised with having all my Christmas Cards ready to go to sell.  So I went and bought a very nice selection of patterned papers from Stampin Up! & my local Scrapbooking store (which is hugely overpriced).  These are just a FEW of the delicious stash that I now have.

6.  Filling orders
My friend/cousin came over the other day.  She went through my fabric stash, and chose all the fabrics she wanted me to make flowers out of.  She is a photographer and needs props.  She photographs babies quite often.  I am putting together a selection of flowers to be clipped onto headbands.  Here's what I've made so far.  There's still a few more to go.
7.  Other flowers
Last night a friend of mine put on a Girls Night.  I brought some of my crafty stuff (I made the previous flowers at this event) and the others girls there decided to give it a go themselves.  This is what they came up with.  I really think some of them are funky as!
8.  My stall last month
The promised photo of my stall at the Fete last month (that was depressingly highly unsuccessful).

And I think that pretty much brings me up to speed!!  I promise I will get my tutorials under way.  I have three in the makings.  I rarely have time to do anything, so when I do it's usually an hour - and I'd rather craft then blog (sorry ladies).  I'll post some of my Christmas cards once there are more to show (only 2 types so far).  Hope you are having a lovely Sunday!  Back to work tomorrow!

Happy crafting!

PS Don't forget to enter my giveaway!!  Only 4 days to go!!


Cortney Lyon said...

I love the canvas idea, they are so clean and simple. I think your booth is so cute, if I were in Australia I would be buying from that one.

The Clip Cafe said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your canvases!! You are so full of great idea's :-) Can't wait for the tutorial - have wanted to do some thing like that and goodness know i have enough fabric lol. And i love the towel ones - so unique. I loved your post all of it. Your stall looked great (bunting LOVE THEM!) sorry it didn't go that well - not sure why you are very talented.