Saturday, October 2, 2010

Car Boot Sale - Failure #2

Well I did it again.  I had an unsuccessful attempt at selling my goods.  But you know what, this time I don't care!  I made a total of $11!  WOOHOO I'm rich!!!!

Let me tell you why I don't care.
1.  I had a good friend sit with me for the whole morning.  How amazing is that.  Thanks Maioha.  (PS she is an amazing photographer)
2.  The stall only cost me $10... so not big loss there.
3.  Everyone there was SO LOVELY.  I had many chats with fellow stall holders, and also the organisers of the Sale at the Uniting Church.  Such a nice bunch of people.
4.  There was food for sale.  And it was cheap.

And folks, that is all I need to have a good time.  Oh and an added bonus that made my day good was that no one stole anything!!

So here are the piccies..

My spread.  See those ladies outside the window... they're standing behind a BBQ with delicious sausages cooking on them.  I love a sausage in bread.  And only $2.  I had 2.

I had a good spot, right near the doorway so I had a lovely breeze which was at times quite chilly and also good traffic (even if it didn't lead to sales).  This Sale was supposed to be held outside, but it was raining ALL MORNING.  It was quite depressing, but luckily I got there nice and early to set up so got a good spot inside.  Other's were not quite so lucky.

Peeping through the space on the earring stand.  Can you believe I picked that baby up from a Thrift Store for $4?  I know, neither can I.

One of the pretty necklaces.

Bracelet stand.

One side of my table.

The view from my table.  Most of the other stalls were 2nd hand goods.  I got a few goodies of my own - a vase, some scrap fabric, some doileys, kiddie clothes & best of all.....

Homemade Apple Pie, Lemon Butter, & Choc & Caramel Fudge. MMMMMMM mmmmm!  Pie is good...

And pie makes EVERYTHING better... especially with cream :)

Hope you're all having a fab weekend...Happy crafting!


PS.  I have two lovely little packages all ready to be posted on Monday


Just ME said...

Good on you Christie! I like the earrings and think they are the way to go. Everyone loves a handmade earring at a good price!
Glad it was a good fun morning for you!

Khristen said...

Love the jewelry, sorry you didn't have better luck. I am gearing up to start selling at craft fairs, too, and I'm mostly nervous about having bad luck...glad to see even when it doesn't go well, it still works out in the end!

GemmaJoy said...

your store looks great, I'm glad you had a good day... pity about the sales....but when your having fun who cares!!! Now I feel like a sausage sizzle hehe

Yana said...

your stall looked lovely and sounds like to had a great day. :) don't give up on markets, your day will come!! :)

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh your stall looked lovely! So sorry you didn't make a "mint" :-) You deserved to your stuff is so nice. I had a similar Saturday just gone - grr to the grand final being on no one came out to a market i was at. Bit deflating :-( YUMM to your food goodies they look scrumptious!

A Christy Production said...

I will definately persevere with the markets but I need to find a market that is more appropriate to sell the type of goods I have on offer.

And that pie is amazing. There is only one piece left and I left it for my husband but I MAY ACCIDENTALLY eat it soon...

antmee said...

Your stall looked very well thought out and pretty as well. I agree with you about sales not being the only reason to set up at a market. Meeting people and enjoying the experience would be worth the effort in my book. Sales are just the icing on the cake!

Jean said...

Your stall looked so pretty and your things so beautiful. Keep trying. One of these days. . .