Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blogger Butt Update - 1.1kg

Not a bad loss, considering it's Hot Cross Bun season.  1.1kg.  Can't be disappointed with that.  I don't really have much to say this week.  I still hate exercising.  I pretty much eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday - which is probably why I continue to lose weight.  But I like eating the same thing everyday.  I eat the following:

- WW bar, either the Blackforest one, or the Ginger Kiss one
- a popper
- a sesame bar

- a sandwich or a WW frozen meal
- a mini bag of chips (my daily salt fix)
- a fruit jelly cup
- a low fat yogurt/custard

Of course a few hot cross buns have been thrown into the mix lately too...  

I mix it up for dinner of course.  But that's pretty much my daily menu.  It's tasty and I still lose weight, so I ain't changing nothing!!!

I do think that stress has helped me lose weight lately too.  My life is hectic and it makes me sad and distressed.  I don't have children yet.. I'm not supposed to be this busy.  Sigh.  I'm supposed to have too much free time and have nothing to do, and never get behind in housework or laundry.  This annoyance for some reason has been causing anxiety pains in my chest - which also annoys me.  Thankfully there is a gigantor 5 day long weekend happening soon thanks to public holidays coinciding.  Thank you for being on my side public holidays.  Best part is, I have NO plans for those days off.  It will be marvelous.

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Flower Photography said...

WOO HOO you keep it up! I think you are doing great and I would be wrapped if I was losing each week. I am going to try and renew myself starting tomorrow and try stay on track! Funny I like to start on a fresh week day - ie has to be a Monday - weird hey......if I stuff the Monday then it all falls apart, even though I know that is silly! I could just resume but them mind says no have to wait till monday again But my b'day is looming and i really want to be better before I start to fall aprt from age!!!

Christine M said...

Keep up the good work Christy. Every little loss adds up to a big loss. It is hard at hot cross bun time. Have a lovely Easter and enjoy your time off. Hugs, Christine

Alannah said...

that is an amazing loss this week....well done! Six in my family, so you can imagine my ironing lady is a blessing! smiles

MultipleMum said...

You are chugging along nicely here. Good for you. I on the other hand, have done nothing with my dieting for weeks and weeks. I am building up to another spurt but until then there is always chocolate :-)