Friday, April 22, 2011

What I got up to today...

I loved today.  The first of our 5 day long weekend.  Let me step you through my productive, relaxing & enjoyable day.

6:00am - Woke up, looked at the time, said hell no, rolled over and went back to sleep :)

8:30am - Got up, got dressed, went into husby's study and joined in talking on the webcam to his family (who live in Texas)

10:00am - Started making some paper flower embellishments for my shop whilst still chatting with the husby's family... I'll list them soon.

11.30am - Realised how late it was and finished up our conversation with husby's family, headed downstairs and had something to eat

12 noon - Watched "Megamind" - which was surprisingly hilarious.  Would definitely recommend it.

1:30pm - Cleaned the kitchen and made a Shortbread cookie dough - and popped it in the fridge.

2:00pm - Started doing something I've wanted to do since we moved in 1 1/2 years ago.  Scrubbed the exterior of ALL the doors and drawers in my kitchen.  They were dirty when we moved in!!  Gross I know, but because it was on the outside it didn't bother me so much after a while!!  

3:30pm - Made Chocolate Mousse for dessert :)

4:00pm - Started rolling, cutting out and baking the shortbread.  I also watched another DVD whilst baking - which is why it took me so long to make the cookies....  I watched a movie that I already can't remember the name of.. BLAST!

Anyway, I am a self confessed cookie burner.  I have tried a few times in the past few months to conquer cookies, and not burn them.  Here's how they turned out.

5:30pm - Made dinner with husby.  It was delicious.  Steaks cooked on the BBQ, eggs, bacon, tomato & onion & a couple of chips.  Not exactly WW friendly.. but it's Easter!!  It will be a weekend of delicious foods here and there.  We ate on the couch and watched ANOTHER DVD!!  Sorcerer's Apprentice I think it was.  It was OK.  Few things were unfinished in the movie.. but I'll get over it :)

8:30pm - Cleaned up kitchen and came upstairs, and cleaned my craft room... to a certain degree.  A friend recently moved to the other side of the country and offered me a few bags of fabrics she no longer wanted.  I of course accepted :)  But am yet to unpack it all and find hangers to put it on and put in my wardrobe.  Maybe tomorrow???

9:00pm - Discover cookie dough in my rings and feel ill

9:15pm - Listen to my new Josh Groban CD... and work on a few more flowers. 

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.  Don't you just love Public Holidays!!!

What did you get up to today?



lissyal said...

What a fun day lee lee. We make hot cross buns and soft pretzels. Did some finger painting and used the paintings to wrap their Easter presents. Played with the neighbor's new puppy. Watched the Testament. Went to raby bay park and swam and played with some families from the ward. Big fun day! I love the Easter holiday!!!!!

Flower Photography said...

LOVE the colour choices in those embellishments so pretty! Nice day. Craft roooooooommmmmmmmm piccssssss!!!!!!!

Flower Photography said...

Ps how's the hair looking??