Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wishing & wanting...

I often find myself sifting through lovely things on Madeit & Etsy.  I am picky about what I actually end up buying, but often use the things I find as inspiration.  Here's a few things that caught my eye today...

Chocolate Brownie Soap - looks good enough to eat!!

Petite Posie Headband - loving this style, works in well with alot of my clothes!

Gorgeous necklace!

Hoop Wall Hanging - I'd love a whole series of these to go on the wall going up my stairs.

Will definitely be buying this Wooden Envelope Template!!

My husby would love these cufflinks.

This gorgeous flower clip, oh wait, I made that... haha.  It's in my shop :)



Kymmie said...

That last picture is so funny! Super cute!

And that fudge. Really? Soap? Could've fooled me!


Flower Photography said...

I seriously want to eat that soap.....can't believe it is soap!