Friday, April 8, 2011

Blogger Butt - the ups and downs.

I didn't post last week because I was thoroughly unimpressed with my weight gain.  Now I KNEW I would gain on my week away with hubby the other week, but to gain AGAIN the week after.  I just wasn't in the mood to disclose my gain.  But I am back again this week, and thankfully with a loss.  On week one, I weighed in at 129.9kg.  Now, at week ten, I'm at 124.4kg.  It's nothing mind blowing.  It's only 5.5kg.  But I prefer it that way.  I want this to be a slow and steady race.  I want to get it right, and make life long changes, and actually learn how to eat a balanced diet.  

Like most of you (I'm sure), I have received ALOT of slack for my methods.  For some reason Weight Watcher's is foreign and strange.  Some people like to tell me I'll never lose weight if I eat chocolate a few times a week.  I'll never lose weight by eating some potato chips every so often.  I'll never lose weight if I decide I want a glass of juice.  Well I'm afraid that I am proving you all wrong!  There are only a few freaky people out there that NEVER eat junk food.  Cause let's face it, they're freaky.  The rest of us are normal, and we love an occasional chocolate, or a meat pie, or a burger, or something that just tickles your fancy.  So guess what people, Weight Watchers is actually awesome.  SO THERE!

But I will admit, I want to be able to SEE the weight loss already.  It's getting a bit boring losing weight and not seeing the difference.  I know, whine whine.  Give it time.

And I want to share my new FAVOURITE snack. 

Sorry about the bad picture, I took it on my phone at work in my lunch break.
$0.80 from Coles, in the Health Food section.  Only 2 1/2 points on the old WW point system.  Some may think that's alot of points for a snack, but it is really filling, so it's the kind of snack you have when you're really hungry.  I love them.  I buy a handful every week.  LOVE THEM.  You should try them!!

Anyway, that's my update.  I have an extremely sore jaw today, from my dental visit yesterday.  I had minimal pain yesterday with my visit, but it came back to bite me today.  Having trouble eating and talking.  Just feeling awful actually.  And to be honest, my jaw started hurting the worst after eating my Sesame Bar this morning DANG IT!!!  Darn chewy bar.  Pain killers have thus far done NOTHING to help relieve pain for me.  Anyway, I'll stop cause I'm whining, again.

I'll do my best to be more consistent in checking in!  Anyone know where I can link in?  My head hurts and I can't figure it out :)

How's everyone else's week been like?


Flower Photography said...

Farmers Wifey has the link up I think :-) I LOVE those bars - you just reminded me of them :-) Oh and hope your mouth heals okay :-(=)

Farmers Wifey said...

Ohhh I'm so glad you posted this week, I know how you feel try and try and you still gain!

Your sore mouth, take care of yourself, see you next week lovely xox

Me 'N My Monkeys said...

I also had a bad week last week and didnt join in the linky!!

"It's only -5.5KG" thats great, better then +5.5kg :D

Hope your mouth feels better soon! xx

eat out with kids said...

5.5kgs is brilliant- don't knock it!
I had a week off last week too. We're back on the wagon now and that's all that matters.