Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bad blogger.

I have been slack and selfish.  I have been reading lots of blogs, finding new talented people to follow, taking note of their fabulous ideas, and not bothering to return the favour with producing regular eye candy on my blog haha!!  My apologies.  My attitude stinks towards anything that requires effort due to my ongoing health issues.  Poor health really does mess with you... sigh.

BUT onto brighter and happier things.  I have stuff to show you!

I made my husband some house shorts!  I was bored, and just went and got a pair of his basketball shorts out of his drawer, traced around them, and hoped for the best hahaha!!  They turned out pretty good considering.  After I finished sewing them (and after many a sigh and unpick and grunt) I had husby try them on and they only needed minor adjustments.  He's worn them pretty much every night since.  They're pretty funny if you ask me though!

(apologies for all the photos, they were taken on my phone as I seem to have temporarily misplaced my camera)
Then over the weekend I didn't have much on, so had a go at making another patchwork gypsy skirt.  I love how it turned out, even though I had a different idea in mind originally.  

I was able to overlock/serge all the edges before sewing my panels together.  After much grunting and sighing and unpicking, I was pleased that it came together nicely.  On a side not, I noticed something while I was cutting up my panels if fabric.  It was the writing on my selvage of the floral fabric.  It is cut off a little so isn't 100% clear, but I consulted my Facebook friends and they came up with a few other suggestions.....

I see "Fabric for Satan".  I laughed and laughed when I saw it.  Other suggestions were "Fabric by Sotan", "Fabric for Sotex".  I decided I'd stick with Satan for the entertainment factor.  What do you see??  

I had plenty of scraps and thought to make a nice headband to match also.

I was at my sisters house the other day and my sister insisted on practising her face painting skills on me.  I thought I'd show you for entertainment factor.  She asked why I wasn't terribly enthused.  My response was that it might have something to do with the fact that I am an adult....
And lastly, I have been doing some hairdressing jobs lately and have a nice bundle of cash waiting for me to spend on crafty goodness!!  I have been putting together a delicious Stampin Up order of punches and stamps... I can't wait!!
Until next time!



Tiff said...

I love those sewing projects! Those boxers and your skirt look amazing! I used to do a lot of clothes sewing but haven't since my kids have gotten bigger.... I might just be inspired to try again!
PS you are never too old for face painting!!!! X

MultipleMum said...

I can't believe you just 'whip' these things up! Impressed x

Lea said...

i LOVE the skirt and headband. have those flowers on my 'to have a go at'.
Yours look GREAT!

Kymmie said...

Oh stop it with all your creative 'whipping things up'. It makes me sooo jealous (in a good way, of course). I'm amazed by your talent and creativity.

Love your headband (and skirt). And my husband would NEVER wear anything I made. Ever. (But then again, you haven't seen me sew).