Friday, June 24, 2011

Front Door Decor

On my week off last week I had an urge to make my home look nicer.  I bought a new mirror for the entrance, I framed a picture of husby and I that was printed, hmm... 6 months ago?  Ooops!  Then I thought it would be nice to make something for my front door like all you Americans do :P  Afterall, husby is American and would probably appreciate it!! 

The frame was thrifted for a few dollars, and I got the letters from a craft store, I think the big one was about $3 and the littlies $1 each.  I needed to do about 10 coats of the paint to get the coverage I wanted on the frame.  Once I was happy with it, I smudged some brown paint over the wood markings and it gave it a more aged look, and then sprayed it with a sealant.  The small letters were simple.  Some white glue, some pretty scrapbooking paper, and some sand paper to tidy up the edges.  I attached them to the frame with some white glue... I hope it holds... I couldn't find the proper wood glue!  I actually sprayed the sealant over the small letters also.  Big mistake!  They left awful white cloudy patches on my letters.  I ended up sanding off the sealant and just painted over the top with some white glue to protect the paper against the weather.

Lastly was the F.  I just painted it up with white glue and wound and wound that gorgeous twine around it until it was all covered and I was happy with the design.  I coated the back of the F with white glue to secure all the string in it's place.  I noticed that some of the string shifted while moving it around.  The glue looked funny when it dried so I just did it on the back to secure everything.  I bought some hook and eyes and it hangs from the top of the frame.

For the string it hangs on, I just braided some ribbon and crafting rope and stapled it on the back.  You can't see the lovely colours of the braided ribbons and rope in this photo which is a shame.  And lastly, to make sure I didn't scratch up my front door with the staples at the top and with the frame, I stuck some of those sticky felt squares (that you put on the bottom of your chairs so they don't mark your tiles or wooden floors) all across the back of it.  They work a treat.  And husby doesn't mind it either :) 



Naturally Carol said...

Hi Christy..That's a great sign for your front door!

Anonymous said...

Christy that is a great it.


TK said...

just lovely....I think your home would have really appreciated your week off work!! TK xx

Maioha said...

That's so great!!!!!

MultipleMum said...

That is very homey! This has reminded me that I have been wanting to come up with a 'name' for our home (and then I can make a sign!). Must get onto that! x

mel @ loved said...

very sweet, what a clever idea..

Kymmie said...

So gorgeous! I love it! Do you think you might make some more so I can buy one?