Friday, July 29, 2011

Mind confessions of a crazy packer.

 Mess.  Chaos.  Brain overloading.  Boxes for storage.  Boxes to be unpacked.  Craft supplies to sort, cull, sell, giveaway.  Wrapping breakables in newspaper.  Is the box too heavy?  Did you reinforce the bottom with enough tape?  Where is the tape anyway? Crap we ran out of tape.  Where are the packing sheets?  I can't find a pen.  Where the hell can I put these boxes?  We ran out of newspaper.  Do you think that the other tenants in our complex will notice I've stolen ALL of the newspapers for the last two weeks?  I'll be stealing them for another week or soo too.  Where's the Sharpie?  Crap, ran out of tape again.  Will there be enough room to store all these boxes?  Listing furniture for sale online.  Oh crap, the couch sold 3 weeks earlier then expected.  What are we going to sit on?  Hand in notice of intention to leave to landlord.  Waiting for list of 'what to clean and fix' before we leave.  Crap I packed all the cleaning rags already.  What box are they in.  I can't find them.  Idiot!  Oh well, just rip up some towels and buy some new ones to use.  Crap those new towels were expensive.  Crap, I say crap alot.  I need another box.  What?  We ran out of boxes.  You guessed it... crap!  "Hey can I still have all those moving boxes you were getting rid of?", "you're a legend!".  Make a cake.  Open cupboard to get out baking tin.  Crap, I already packed it.  Unpack tin, bake cake, wash and dry tin, pack it back away.  Good thing I am OCD about writing contents of boxes on packing sheets.  Where are the Fragile stickers?  Where are we going to store the dining room set?  Ooops, it's 7pm and I haven't cooked dinner yet.  Should we throw this out?  When is the piano removalist coming?  It's going to cost HOW MUCH to move????  Think = go jump.  Say = sounds good.   Eat all the food in the freezer and pantry.  I'm sick of eating canned food.  Keep eating canned food.  So, wanna eat pasta every night for a week?  Wash the black ink off my hands from the newspaper for the 20th time tonight.  Who wants to buy my microwave?  I don't know either.  Crap, we ran out of tape again.  Dreaming about packing.  Living a life of packing.

We will start moving some things into Mum and Dad's starting up this weekend.  We have already run out of room for all the boxes that are packed thus far.  We will be storing ALOT of our stuff for the year we are going to be living with them.  We don't have much room.  We're selling alot, giving away alot, throwing away alot.  The whole process is making me crazy... incase you didn't notice.  So nothing crafty and delightful today, and I can't promise anything fabulous for at least a few more weeks.  One good thing though, I'll still have my own craft room.  Bliss!  Wish me luck!


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