Thursday, August 4, 2011

Moving & stress relieving card making

As you may (or may not) know, I am moving.  Moving day is in 9 days!!  Lucky for us, we can take smaller loads of boxes and fragile items over to Mum and Dad's place (where we're moving) and start organising them there.  Moving day should then only consist of furniture items, if we get all the other things over there ourselves in the meantime.  It's been really hard figuring out what to pack in which box, because this isn't your typical move.  Husby and I will be sharing the kitchen & laundry with my parents.  So this means we won't be needing quite a few items, as we will use theirs.  SO, we have gone through the kitchen a few times and had to figure out which box the item went into... the donate box, the storage box, the unpack box, or the try to sell at car boot sale box.  Things that are being packed to be stored, I am packing very carefully, with lots of newspaper, and ensuring there are firmer items at the top of the box to create a steady base for the box that will likely be stacked on top of it for a year!!!  

We have three bedrooms and a small lounge area to ourselves.  We are going to use husby's study room to store most of the boxes, which will be stacked up a few boxes high, so I really need to be careful how I pack.  Each box has a packing sheet taped to it, which has the room it belongs to, whether it is a storage or unpack box, and all of the contents written on it.  I am glad I do packing sheets because I have had to open 3 boxes in the past week looking for things I had prematurely packed and I needed!!! 

I am also INCREDIBLY, stupidly, ridiculously, crazy busy at work at the moment.  I work in an Accounting firm in the Reception area and it is Tax Season!!!!  Kill me now!!  I barely have time to go to the loo!!!   It's incredibly stressful and fast paced.  Just the way I DON'T like it!  

And to top it all off, I am once again sick!  This time round, I have tonsilitis.  It's been about 3 weeks now.  I am on antibiotics but they don't seem to be doing the trick.  There have been a couple of moment in the past few weeks where I wanted to rip my tonsils out myself!  I even had trouble breathing and swallowing one night.  Horrendous.  

So this is why I need stress relief people.  Sick, moving, over-busy work.  

I was smart when I packed up my craft room.  I left out all my card making supplies!  

I have been making cards just about every night for the last week and it has been great.  As usual I don't love every card I make, but I figure someone out there will.  Only problem is, I've had no desire to clean up after each card project.  So my desk now looks like this...

It's gonna be SO FUN to tidy up when I get around to it hehe!!  Here's what I've made in this past week...

I've made several of each card design, so I have a nice stack of cards to add to my stash.  I've been having fun using my new stamp & paper sets that I have recently ordered from Stampin' Up!  Notice that most of the cards are sewing themed?  Awesome huh!!  They came out with a whole bunch of sewing themed stamp sets and a paper set in their latest mini catalogue.  I had to buy the lot.  And I'm thinking of buying more paper before it becomes unavailable too!!  Something I found out, is that they have made the patterned paper into fabric in the USA.  Jealous!  I think I'm going to have to try and get my hands on some.  It is simply divine!!

Well that is what I've been up to lately.  Back to packing I think!!



Anonymous said...

Crafting is always a great stress release :) I don't so much mind the's the unpacking at the other end that I don't enjoy.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Dianne said...

I love the sewing cards too - I especially love what you have done with the pattern pieces stamp :-)

As for the patterned fabric... a little birdie told me we will most likely be getting some in our new catalogue ;-)

As a side note, have you been tested for Glandular Fever - a major symptom of that is tonsillitis which isn't responsive to antibiotics (GF is caused by a virus, so antibiotics is useless.)

Wombat's Picnic said...

Wow, so busy! You do sound pretty organized tho, in terms of the packing. I always try to be, but somehow it never works out as planned:) Glad you've had something fun to distract you - the pattern ones are so cute! Cyndy

Just ME said...

Packing and moving stinks! I dread the day I'll have to do it again....
Some people do it from start to finish in 3 days (my brother!) That thought scares me but then maybe it would be better - less of the thinking and fussing and instead make the decisions quick and it's all over! Good Luck.