Sunday, October 2, 2011

#2 - Man tools put to use in the craft room

Husby bought a Dremel a little while back.  It wasn't the cheapest of tools and I wasn't hugely impressed, but figured he'd need to start buying tools eventually.  As he was showing it to me, he suggested that I COULD USE IT for my crafting.  I laughed it off, and thought it was a funny attempt to help me accept the purchase.  I was wrong.  He was right.

 When you have 100 pegs to sand back, the Dremel kinda comes in handy.

What tool did your husband/partner buy and try to convince you that you would get use out of it and you laughed at him not realising you WOULD use it??? 

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PPS.  I'll have to put together a special Blogtoberfest giveaway soon too!


Naturally Carol said...

Good to see you getting some use out of your husband's precious tools!

Kat said...

I have been known to steal my fiances electric sander quite often too. I almost need to buy my own!