Tuesday, October 4, 2011

#4 - An alien wish fulfilled

For those who don't know or haven't caught on, husby and I moved in with my parents a month or so ago to save money.  Luckily the house is huge and we have the whole upper storey to ourselves.  On a Tuesday morning, my brother in law drops my 4 yo nephew off on his way to work, and he hangs out with mum for a few hours and then she takes him up to Kindy.  Now this morning I was working on something in my craft room, and I heard little footsteps making their way upstairs.  I turned around and found my sweet little nephew at the door and he came in and sat up on my lap and was asking me what I was doing.  We were having a little chat about some of my current projects and then he asked me a question.

"Aunty Christy I don't have the Alien toy from Toy Story yet, he is the only one I don't have.  Can you make him for me?"

The kid has faith in my abilities I tell ya!  How could I say no to that???  I promised him I'd make it while he was at Kindy and it would be ready when he came back in the afternoon.  He was quite pleased and walked back downstairs with a smirk on his face.  

Well I couldn't let the little man down, so before he had even left for Kindy with mum, I started googling what the heck this Alien looked like and what I had got myself into!!  It didn't look too bad.  I got straight into it.  I drafted a pattern, cut it out, pinned it to felt and cut out the shapes and started to sew them all together.  

It was pretty easy to make, except for those retched arms!!! They ended up being different sizes and shapes in the finished product, but I don't think my nephew minded so much.

He turned out pretty darn cute eh?

When my mum picked the little man up from Kindy, my mum mentioned to him that I had a suprise for him at home.  He responded with "oh I know what it is, it's probably an alien".  He walked inside the door and came straight up to me and asked if I had his alien suprise ready for him hahaha.  The man knows what he wants.  

He was soooo pleased with it.  His only complaint was that it was bigger then in the movie.  

You see why I couldn't say no to that face now?

I am worried that he's going to think of something else I need to make him though...



The Creative Beast said...

So sweet! So cute!! and before you know it, that alien will be smaller as he grows taller!

I'm sure he loves his aunty for making such a wonderful gift =-)

Robin Norgren said...

good job mama! POPPING IN to say hello from Blogtoberfest

Lisa said...

That is fantastic, even better that his Aunty made it!
He is such a cutie

Stopping by via Blogtoberfest


Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Wow, your alien is FANTASTIC! He he, wonder what he will ask for next!