Sunday, January 29, 2012

Greetings & Salutations!!

It has been too long.  Oh how I have missed reading everyone's beautiful blog entries, and how I have missed documenting my goings ons!!  I actually have had my Blogger tab CLOSED in my browser for months.  I feel like I've betrayed everyone.  I have been slack.  Lazy.  Over busy.  Unorganised.  Had writer's block.  You name it, I have been it over the past few months.  There is no legitimate excuse for my slackness. 

So here's to a fresh start!  Yesterday afternoon I was busy doing tidying up and it popped into my mind about my blog.  I made a goal to write in my goal the next day (today) because I had some free time this afternoon.  I'd like to officially pat MYSELF on the back for actually doing it!!!! 

Now I need to fill you in on what has been going on.  I'll try to not bore you with too many details.. and hopefully I'll actually remember what's been going on.  In no particular order:

- I'm a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.  I signed up about two months ago.  So far it has been a lot of fun.  I have co-hosted a Mini Catalogue Launch at the end of last year, AND hosted my own Sale-a-Bration Launch this past weekend.  It is fully on trying to juggle this with my other responsibilities as it can be very time consuming.. but I love it and it's one of my favourite things to do.  Not only is it fun to be crafting, but I am loving meeting new people and reuniting with old friends!   I am looking to start hosting day time classes which I have called "Stamp & Chat" for all the mums!  They can come during school hours while the kids are off their hands, or if they have little ones they can bring them along as there is a playroom next door to where we will be Stampin!  Hopefully it will be a success.  My first Stamp & Chat class is at the end of February.

- My pop passed away.  He has been suffering from severe illness for most of his life adult life.  As sad as we were to see him go, I couldn't help but feel relief for him to leave such a frail and unwell body behind.  He lived for about 10 years longer than doctors expected him to.

- I've been sick!  About a week before Christmas, I began feeling unwell.  I just thought I was run down and being the Christmas season had been eating a few treats here and there that I wouldn't normally eat.  My stomach was extremely intolerant of food.  I was nauseous.  ANY strong smells would make me want to throw up (I know what you're thinking and it wasn't that!), I was light headed, extremely tired, crampy, achey, "loose bowels" (how do you say diarrhea on a blog without grossing people out.. I think it's impossible).  It all started out that if I ate something particularly sweet, or rich, or fatty, it would result in agony.  I thought it was my IBS playing up big time.  And then all the other symptoms were showing up.  I stopped eating for the most part.  Just ate a slice of bread, a cup of rice, maybe some crackers and a drink of water here and there.  Just enough to survive.  I went and saw the Dr, and he confirmed that I was not pregnant (which I already knew).  And then I got my diagnosis.  Bacterial virus in my tummy.  Ugh.   All he could give me were some pills to help with the nauseousness, and to help the muscles in my stomach and bowels to relax and stop cramping up so much.  They both helped, but they were only masking the real problem.  So I went to the Health Food Shop and found me a miracle solution.  GOOD Bacteria!  Within 12 hours of taking my first good bacteria capsule, my stomach had settled, and I was RAGING HUNGRY!!!!!!!!  I've now been taking the good bacteria for a little over a week and am not far off being 100%.  It was a tough few weeks feeling so unwell, and especially with so much happening whilst I was unwell - Christmas, my sisters birthday, New Years, pop dying, being a new Stampin' Up! Demonstrator plus more that I am about to tell you about.  But as per usual, I am woman hear me roar, I carried on as best as I could and got the basics done!

- I have a new responsibility at church.  I no longer look after the young children in Nursery.  I am not the Primary Music Leader.... it is one of the responsibilities that I dread most.  I have only been doing it for a few weeks, and it's hard yakka.  I have to teach the 4-12 yr old children music every week.  I teach them new songs, review old songs, etc.  Some find this responsibility easy.. but I do not.  I get so stressed about it, and when I get stressed I get flustered and when I get flustered I perspire.  So I stand out the front of the children every week looking shiney.  Hopefully I'll get in a groove soon?   

So that is the basic update of the major things that have been going on these past few months.  I will have to show you what I've been up to in the craft room next!  Plenty of fun things going on in there!!



Maioha said...

You're back! Finally!!!!

Music Leader - yay! And also a little 'haha!' - from one former music leader to a new one ;-p It took me a while to get into the groove of teaching them but through the modern wonder of blogging, I found other women that clearly have waaay too much time on their hands. They come up with amazing and complicated lessons and then post about them. So I would take them and simplify them to what I thought I could do and took that to church. I recently cleaned out all of the singing time blogs from my list, but a quick Google will help you find some. They really saved me some Sundays.

Let me know if you need advice and I'd be happy to share :-)

I can't wait for the Primary Presentation this year to hear the singing.

I'm glad you're getting better. That sickness sounds horrific.

Zara said...

Oh that's no good that you were so ill. Great to hear that you're on the mend.
Well done to you for hosting stamping classes. It's so important that you enjoy it.
Excellent to see you back, I've missed reading your lovely little blog. x

Dianne said...

Sorry to hear that you've been so sick!

And as for Primary Music leader - is your best friend. They have song charts for most of the songs in the Children's songbook.

The Creative Beast said...

GOODNESS! you have been dealing with quite a lot haven't you??!? I am very glad that you chose to take matters in your own hands and found the good bacteria that is making you feel better. Sometimes Western medicine isn't as informed as we'd like them to be =-\

Happy New Year to you and congratulations on accomplishing the goal of returning to your blog!!

MultipleMum said...

Your tummy issues sound awful! Glad you are feeling better! Welcome back Christie! x