Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The story of The King's

Have you heard of the King's?  They are a lovely family from Tasmania, Australia who have had tragedy strike their family twice in the past few months.  Aaron & Lisa have 4 sons.  Tragically their son Noah who has struggled with health issues his entire life lost his battle and passed away late last year.  The family has been struggling to find their feet again and work out a new kind of normal.  A few weeks ago whilst on their annual family holiday at the beach, Lisa's husband Aaron suddenly passed away of a suspected heart attack.  Lisa is now left to raise her 3 sons alone. 

This story struck my heart, HARD.  Lisa is a Blogger, and has shared her story in every detail.  I first heard about the King family through Naomi's blog - Seven Cherubs.  Naomi had a great idea to set up a way for people to donate money to help cover the costs of the funeral, so that she can buy headstones for her son & husband's graves, and to help with the costs of getting on her feet as a now single mother.  Her goal was to raise $15,000.  The count is now over $30,000.  If you would like to donate, go here.

Naomi, is full of GREAT ideas.  She is also organising an AUCTION.  All proceeds from this auction will go to Lisa and her family.  If you want to participate in this option, then check out Naomi's Seven Cherub's Facebook Page

To read Lisa's blog go here, and to hear more about her story.  She also has a Facebook page which you can find here.

This story has helped me realise how fantastic my life is, and made me appreciate and understand the importance of Eternal families.  My thoughts and prayers are with Lisa, Harri, Kobe & Jalen as they once again try and find their new kind of 'normal'. 


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