Sunday, March 25, 2012

Zip it, or Button it?

I recently stumbled across two GIGANTOR tubs of buttons at the Thrift Store.  I of course purchased them.  I had no idea what I was going to do with all those buttons.... but I knew I had to have them!  

I've been having fun going through these buttons.  Many of the really special ones have made it into my button collection box.  

I've been brainstorming all the other beautiful things I can make with these buttons.  And I've made a few things already.  

What's funny, is I've made 4 things so far, and the tub of buttons I was using... you can't even notice that I've taken ANY out.  The tub is that huge my friends. 

Just think of how long you are going to be looking at button projects now.  Oh dear.. I hope you all like buttons as much as I do, cause you're going to be seeing ALOT of them.

Oh and I have a fascination with zips too.  This is the first successful attempt I've had at incorporating them into a funky accessory.  Many beautiful vintage, unique zips have been wasted in the past.  Hopefully only good things can come about in the future.  Cause lets be honest, I suck at sewing zips into clothing.  I need to find other uses for them.  Did I mention I have a whole tub of zips too?  



Max said...

I saw a white lampshade that had been covered with multicovered buttons on pinterest recently it looked increadible but i dont have a big enough button stash to do it. Love the headbands x

Zara said...

Yes and photo frames covered in buttons too. The headbands look amazing Christy, well done to you. x

Kymmie said...

You are SO clever. These are scrumptious!

That is all.