Friday, March 30, 2012

How pegs took over my life......

....for a couple of days anyway!  Remember my last post?  And remember how I said the set that was featured already had sold and I hoped people popped over to my shop to see what else I had for sale.  Well guess what?  THEY DID.  8 times.  So needless to say I've been Fridge Magnet Peg making ever since :P  I would make a set, and put them in the shop, and they'd sell instantly, so I'd relist the pegs, thinking to myself, I'll make them tomorrow.. but they'd sell, so I'd have to make them immediately so I could ship them to the lovely lady, and so it continues, 8 times haha!!  That will teach me to not list something until it is made!  BUT it was fun.  It's nice to know people out there like what I am making!  So I don't want to bore you with too many details.. but here are a few piccies :)
A couple of sets drying.
Postpacks getting filled with completed orders.
Some of my basic Fridge Magnet Pegs making tools and supplies.
More supplies :)
Madeit was offline most of yesterday after doing some upgrades and the Internet Providers not recognising the upgrades and not wanting to let people back onto the site.  I was secretly cheering that it gave me a few extra hours to catch up a little!! And catch up I did... look what else I've listed in the shop!

I also did a custom Red Collection, and foolishly forgot to photograph it.  Which means I'm obviously going to have to make another, because it looked flippin fantastic!
Sorry for the photo overload!  Have a great day xo


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The Creative Beast said...

Congratulations on all the sales! I'd buy a set of magnets from you but the costs to ship to the US would be costly, I'm do have cute goods in your shop though! =-)

Kymmie said...

Christy, these are a whole lotta awesome! I LOVE these!!!! xxx