Friday, April 13, 2012

Inspirational Happy Medium...

There's been alot happening here at A Christy Production lately.  Cleanouts, prospective Market preparations, lots of sales & lots of purchasing new products, replenishing supplies, creating new amazing things, workshops, new catalogues to drool over.... lots of fun stuff.  I have been working on my priority list of late too.  Decluttering my schedule I guess.  I made a goal with myself a few months ago to start saying "no".  I have always very much been a "yes" person.  But saying "yes" to everyone was taking over my life, and I started to not enjoy  my life and the pressures and never ending time crunches.  So I've been practicing saying "no".  So far so good.  Not only have I been decluttering my schedule, I've been decluttering my craft supplies.  It was really really hard.  I even had to call in reinforcements to help me be as brutal as I needed to be.  Husby brought in his comfy computer chair and edudicated alot of the brutality.  This decluttering exercise was all about being realistic.  Asking myself some serious questions:
- Yes this fabric remant is beautiful, but what good is it to me when it is the size of a hankerchief?  I don't use hankerchiefs so I must throw it out. 
- Why do I have 100 metres of brown lace?  I don't even USE lace in my projects.  Oh dear, I have 100 metres of blue, red and white lace too.....
- Do I need 200 zips?  Actually yes I do... *pops them back on shelf*
- When was the last time I even looked at this?  Oh I dunno... *throws in donation pile*
- Will I actually ever be skilled enough at sewing to be able to sew this pattern?  Probably not...

You get the message.

Husby had to step in a few times. 

But we got there.

Decluttering my schedule & my craft room all had a greater purpose.  I have great dreams and goals planned for A Christy Production.  Dreams and goals that require more of my dedicated time, they will require alot of patience (which I am already struggling with), they are going to require experiments, inspiration, constructive criticism, late nights, fresh ideas, ORIGINAL ideas, money, blood sweat & tears, oh, and did I mention more time?   

I'm trying really hard to make it all work.  Trying to find my happy medium whilst maintaining a Madeit Shop, a Facebook Business Page, a Pinterest account, and this blog, all whilst managing life, working, being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, being a wife and working towards being a mother one day in the future.

I'm not sure what this post has turned into.  I had actually planned on showing you some of my favourite Pins on Pinterest that I've discovered lately that has helped me feel inspired.  I guess the inspiration I find is what fuels my desire to make this all work!!!!  So I will jump back on track to my original post plans and show you some amazing ideas that make me excited to be able to create!  

  Well done for making it down to the end of the page.  I hope you feel inspired!!!


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Cathy said...

Love all your Pinterest finds! I'm not usually a bling bling kind of person but that bouquet is just wow!