Sunday, April 15, 2012

My new accessories line

I did a poor poor job of creating hype, excitement and intrigue about my new accessories line.  I should have taunted you with sneak peaks, told you about it for a couple of posts, at least.  In reality, I came up with the idea, ordered the materials, made a good amount of cool stuff, took photos, edited them, and listed them in my shop, over about a week period!! So there is no hype, there is no sneak peaks.  Just the good stuff.  

A bit of background.  I make no one thing in particular.  I am constantly sourcing new and fun ideas to try and I often am pleased with the result.  This is the first time I have had such a grand idea, with lots of small ideas intertwined into that original idea.  It all started with my love of buttons.  I think I have easily convinced you of this love in the past.  I also have an earring fetish.  I go through a cycle every few months, I have to go through my earrings and decide which ones to part with, to make room for more of course :)

  So I checked out some stockists of earring findings.  I ordered a few, along with a tonne of other fun stuff I could adhese buttons to... like giant paper clips for the purpose of making bookmarks.  Then there were cute as hair clips, and cufflinks.  Oh dear, I then stumbled across the Scrabble Tiles.  It was all over red rover.

So I am busy making more and more things.  I am yet to make Button Earrings to pop in the shop.  I am also waiting on a second batch of goodies to arrive in the post hopefully this week to make more goodness to share with you!  Pop over to my shop and see what's left!  It's been selling fast!



Lisa - Sweet Little Pretties said...

Hi Christy I have awarded you the Leibster Blog award - please follw the link

Wendy Sice said...

You are so inspiring with all your craftiness! Found you via Lisa. :)

Jackie Proctor said...

Love what you are doing with the Buttons. I have been making brooches with buttons this week, so simple but effective. Found you through Sweet Little Pretties.