Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pearl & Rhinestone Makeover!

My favourite Stampin' Up! embellishments are the Pearl & Rhinestone jewels.  They are the perfect way to finish a project to give it that little extra something and a touch of bling.  

But sometimes, a white pearl, or a silver rhinestone just doesn't quite work.  Sometimes you want your little bit of bling, to be a specific colour to match in with your beautiful colour scheme.  Here's HOW you can do that!  

It's a simple recipe.  Crystal Effects (#101055) & re-inkers, in whichever colour you choose! 

I'm going to be Coastal Cabana-ing everything for this tutorial, so I put a drop of the re-inker (#131164) into my Crystal Effects on some waxy paper and mixed it in.  

And then you paint it on!  

Allow 12 hours for the Crystal Effects to dry and you have yourself a beautiful personalised jewel.  I love the subtleness of the pearls, but love how the shape of the rhinestone changes from the faceted surface, to a smooth rounded dome.  It gives the rhinestone a whole different look, but is still pretty and shiny like we want it to be on our projects.  

Which one is your favourite?  Mine is the large rhinestone!


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kimberly uy said...

I love it all! I like the idea that we can personalized even our favorite Wholesale rhinestones. Thank you for your brilliant idea.