Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bow ties are COOL!

I have very much been in showcase mode lately as this party pack design came about because I took part in a Doctor Who showcase recently. I find showcases fun and challenging all at the same time. It really pushes me to come up with something new to fit into the theme. To make something I haven't made before! 

I do have a confession to make though. I have never watched Doctor Who before. So when I found out about the showcase I ummed and ahhed about whether I would be able to come up with something for it. I figured I'd just go for it and I went straight to my friend Lindsey who was my helper for this party pack design. I asked her ONE MILLION questions about the show, the characters, the colours, the sayings, the quirks.... and she was oh so helpful and patient with me. Thanks Zee! 

If you'd like to purchase a Doctor Who party pack for yourself pop over to my Etsy store as I've got a set available for purchase in there!


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