Thursday, October 2, 2014

Turkey & Chorizo Bolognaise

Last week I was looking in my freezer and saw the turkey mince sitting there, gathering icicles. I had to stop avoiding it and figure out how to use it. I decided the easiest way to use it was to just add it into a bolognaise sauce along with my beef mince - which of course would be a very big meaty bolognaise. But I'm ok with that. Meaty is GOOD. Then I discovered the chorizo in the fridge, and I was on my way to the most amazing bolognaise I've ever tasted in my life. Here's how I made it so you can try it yourself. It's super easy, and remember super meaty.


2 onions
2 cloves garlic
2 jalapeƱos (optional)
Olive oil
6 tomatoes
2 cans diced tomatoes
1 tbsp tomato paste
500g beef mince
500g turkey mince
2 chorizo sausages
Generous handful fresh basil
8 sprigs fresh thyme 
1 tbsp oregano 
Handful baby spinach
Salt & Pepper


1. Chop up your onions, garlic and jalapeƱos and fry up in a big saucepan on med-high heat, with some olive oil until softened. 
2. Add your tomatoes which you have conveniently chopped into small chunks in with your canned tomatoes and tomato paste. Let it simmer away until your fresh tomatoes start to break down. I kind of squished them with my spatula to "help" the process along. 
3. Add both minces and your chopped chorizo with a bit of water - enough so that it can continue to simmer away. I let mine simmer for a good 15-20 mins and added water when necessary so my sauce didn't get too thick.
4. Once it was cooked through and I was happy with the consistency of the bolognaise I added all my herbs, baby spinach and s&p to taste. 

I served ours with delicious spinach and ricotta tortellini as a treat, cause lets be honest, tortellini is way too fancy for every day life. Good old $1 spaghetti from Aldi will do the job just nicely. Oh, and chuck some fresh parmesan on top! Can't do bolognaise without parmie! 

Enjoy! I know I'll be making it again soon! 


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